Mr. Collipark Tells Soulja Boy: I Didn’t Get Your Music At First

Soulja Boy

In an interview with, Mr. Collipark explained why he signed , while Soulja Boy commented on GZA. “On the real, like the internet activity,” Collipark told the rapper. “The draw you had on the kids like I never saw. It wasn’t music at first. It’s not a diss, you gotta understand. I’m the age of the other group you think diss you, I’m older. So, I didn’t get it. That’s all I’m saying. But your generation listen to different types of music than what I’m used to. After I saw the kids were into it, I started really listening and paying attention to what they like about you. That’s when I said there’s something to it and I’ve gotta take action.”

As for Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA bringing him up during a London show, Soulja Boy said, “I don’t know him.” He added, “He can’t say that in my hood”, though GZA never really said anything about him – the crowd did, but did diss 50 Cent. Video has since been removed from YouTube.

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