Soulja Boy Channels Right Said Fred In “I’m Too Sexy” Tweets

Soulja Boy inked in the bathroom

was feeling himself on Twitter earlier this week, claiming to be the sexiest rapper in the game and sounding like Right Said Fred in the process. The 20-year-old told followers (@souljaboy):

I’m the sexiest rapper to ever get a record deal

Niggaz is spittin writtens everytime, lets really freestyle bra. I’m the nicest hands down.

I look like Goku mixed with Brad Pitt

I’m the reason this twitter sh** jump nigga, I made this internet sh** nigga

I’m the finest rapper alive nigga, I’m the sexiest rapper alive nigga

Take a moment. Look at you. Just look at you. See what I mean? Nigga I’m the beginning and the end. DON’T MAKE ME TWITPIC

I’m on my Soulja Boy sh** in 2011 I’m the best prettiest sexiest richest nigga you ever seen I’m the best there’s ever been immaculate

Let’s just all be honest I’m too sexy, what else is new tho?

If my money was equivalent to my looks, I would give every one in the world 100,000$ … yeah.. It’s that’s good.

Me and my girl friend over here arguing over who looks the best.. it’s me course. What else is new tho?

Man it don’t even matter what I tweet no more. Every body know I’m sexy at this point

I think I need to get on ustream, But I’m a boss I don’t have to prove sh** to nobody let that be a known fact, what else is new tho?

To be honest, I look exactly like Orlando Bloom and Otto from Rocket Power.

I look just like Dwayne Johnson that’s on everything I’m the rock in his prime IF YA SMELLLLLLL ELL ELLLL WHAT SOULJA BOY IS COOKING?

look how swagged up I am bra, I’m just tweeting and this nigga mad at me cuz I’m the sexiest rapper in the game. What else is new tho?

At this point I’m too sexy to walk I need someone to carry my swag right now

conceited is an understatement. I’m the finest nigga to ever live

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One thought on “Soulja Boy Channels Right Said Fred In “I’m Too Sexy” Tweets

  1. shalia says:

    hey Soulja Boy you are so sexy

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