Spose Celebrates End Of NBA Lockout


checked in with his Twitter followers (@spizzyspose) on Saturday (November 26) after learning the NBA lockout had come to an end with the players and owners reaching a deal to start the season on Christmas Day. The Wells, Maine rapper and Boston Celtics fan writes:

NBA is back! Ahhhh! It’s Christmas!

I would like to thank Jesus, Santa, and Rajon Rondo for this miraculous victory!! I finally don’t have to watch another hockey game!!

Lemme throw out some preseason hatred toward the players all @celtics fans should despise:

Fu** D-Wade for that cheap sh** he did to Rondo last year in the playoffs, nearly broke his arm, fu** you D-Wade!

Fu** Lebron for his arrogant existence and ringless fingers

Fu** Kobe, Derrick Fisher, and whoever else is still on the Lakers for being on the Lakers!

Fu** Joakim Noah for being a yeti with a vagina for a face that’s always crying

Fu** Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony and all present and former members of the New York Knicks (and the Jets and Yankees)

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