Jay-Z Show Causes Near Stampede

MTV.co.uk reports Jay-Z’s show at London’s Hammersmith Po Na Na venue on Monday almost was deadly as an onlooker described, “It started to get really hairy, a real crush. There were some people trying to rush in through a side door and then bangers were let off. There were people running and screaming to get away from it. I managed to get away and across the street and then it seemed to get really nasty.”

Jay-Z Subject of Izzo Lawsuit

Jay-Z is facing a copyright lawsuit by Demme Ulloa who claims her voice is used on “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” without a contract nor payment. Ulloa seeks $1 million and an unspecified amount of damages, in addition to stopping the song’s sales. A hearing will be held on November 8th.

No Game Tix… Even for Puffy & Jay-Z

The New York Daily News reports Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and Jay-Z wanted to catch the New York Knicks playing Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards on Tuesday but staffers at Madison Square Garden told them no courtside tickets were available, so they decided not to show without the primo tickets.

Jay-Z Opens Mint

The New York Post reports Jay-Z and pal Ice-T were spotted drinking a bottle of Cristal at the grand opening of Mint, which used to be home to Chaos and The Bank.

Rappers Photographed at RMA’s

WireImage.com has a few hundred photos of rappers at last night’s Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas. Included are Afroman, Jay-Z, and Nelly. Check out interview room pictures here and the rest here.

Jay-Z Happy Legal Troubles are Behind Him

Jay-Z issued a statement concerning his court appearance last week where he pleaded guilty to stabbing Lance Rivera in 1999 saying, “By pleading guilty to a charge of misdemeanor assault, I have accepted responsibility for my actions as well as the actions of others who were involved in a dispute with Lance Rivera at the Kit Kat Club in December of 1999.”

Shawn Carter also added, “I am very pleased that this unfortunate episode is now over and equally pleased that an unrelated weapon possession charge that I should never have been arrested for has now been dismissed by the district attorney.”

Davey D Provides Insight on Jay-Z And More

Davey D updated yesterday and revealed additional details on the Jay-Z guilty plea in his stabbing case. Davey says “There was also supposed to be a film that clearly showed Jay-Z no where near Rivera during the stabbing. There was also talk about Busta Rhymes witnessing the altercation from a nearby balcony and able to attest to Jigga’s innocence.” Davey also says the Coup are having troubles getting a permit to hold an anti-war concert in San Franscisco. Read more.

Jay-Z Pays His Way Out of Stabbing Charge

The New York Post is reporting that Jay-Z paid off Lance Rivera to silence him to prosecutors in their bid to put him behind bars for the 1999 stabbing incident against Rivera. The price paid for this loyalty against someone that tried to kill him? Only $600,000.

Pain is Loved at Retail Counter

For a second consecutive week, rapper Ja Rule hit the #1 spot in the U.S. album charts with his latest effort, Pain is Love, selling 220,793 copies. Enya sandwiched two rappers with Bubba Sparxxx just below her at #3 for the week on the Billboard 200, clearing 132,174 albums. According to HitsDailyDouble.com, Ja Rule looks set perhaps for a 3rd week at #1 to follow Jay-Z’s similar effort with sales tracking at 175,000. Enya’s momentum and a new album by Ozzy Osbourne are on a similar pace though.

Jay-Z Has Worked a Deal

Jay-Z has worked a plea bargain in his nightclub stabbing charge on December 1, 1999 against rival record producer Lance “Un” Rivera. The New York Post reports he’ll cop the plea to Manhattan Supreme Court today in exchange for agreeing to three years’ probation.