Kevin Federline Chats With KISS 106.1

Kevin Federline was on the phone with Jackie & Bender of KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle for a segment aired on Wednesday morning (February 7). K-Fed talked about being at the Grammys, his last appearance on the awards show as a dancer for Destiny’s Child, filming of the ‘PopoZao’ in Brazil, his entourage, plans for television performances, what wife Britney Spears is up to, and that video making the rounds of him listening to his music. The interview audio at has since been removed. Interviews K-Fed caught up with Britney Spears’ hubby Kevin Federline for a Q&A, and in a heavy on the brown-nosing interview, asked the aspiring rapper “Since you have both, which weighs more in music: looks or skills?” K-Fed responded, “I think the skills are really gonna work out on this. And the fact that everything I’m doing or saying on my album is real. There’s no fake agenda about it. It’s really me. Most of my blood, sweat, and tears were put into this album.”

Kevin Federline Negotiating Major Label Record Deal

Though Britney Spears hasn’t been seen out with hubby Kevin Federline recently, The Sunday Mirror reports that K-Fed has been in New York, negotiating secretly with the major record labels. “Britney and Kevin have their ups and downs like any couple – but they are happier than ever,” a friend said. “And now they’re really excited about Kevin’s rap career.” The friend added, “He should ink the deal very soon.”

K-Fed’s Music Will Speak For Itself

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night, “In an interview about his upcoming album, Kevin Federline said, ‘My music will speak for itself.’ Yeah, he may be right because the album is called ‘This Really Sucks’.”

K-Fed Says Britney Loves ‘PopoZao’

What does Britney Spears think of hubby Kevin Federline’s upcoming debut album and the lead single ‘PopoZao’? “She loves it. She loves ‘PopoZao,'” Kevin revealed to ‘Access Hollywood’. “When she first heard it, she was dancing all over to it saying ‘this is my favorite one, this is my favorite one.'”

Kevin Federline Preps Debut Album

Kevin Federline is busy writing and recording his first CD, which is due out in April. “The album is called ‘Truth’ right?” ‘Access Hollywood’ correspondent Maria asked Britney Spears’ hubby. “No, no. That’s all tabloid rumors. I was thinking of calling it ‘Rearranged,'” he revealed. Asked why, Federline said, “It’s time I come out and take control of my situation so I’m rearranging my whole character and letting people know who I am. It’s not like everybody knows who I am. You see this picture of me and it says this and that and that’s not true.”

Rapping Isn’t A Joke For K-Fed

The fact that hip-hop is probably the toughest genre for Kevin Federline to crack doesn’t concern him much. “I believe that no matter what, if it’s real and people feel it, that’s what it is, it doesn’t matter,” Britney Spears’ other half tells MTV News. “They’ll look past what I look like if they know I’m pouring my soul out on this and I’m serious about it. It’s not like I think this is a joke. It’s not a joke to me. This is my emotion, this is everything, the past two years where I haven’t said anything or came out and talked to anybody, I held it all in here so I can do this.” Read more.

K-Fed Previews Debut With Kevin & Bean

A Kevin Federline impersonator gave the Kevin & Bean show on KROQ in Los Angeles a preview of his new album. The faux aspiring rapper phoned from his hotel room and commented on wife Britney Spears winning Mr. Blackwell’s worst dressed list of 2005, discussed his new single ‘Popo Zao’, and debuted some other tracks from the album – including ‘I Sharted In The Club’, a Mandarin language rap, ‘Another Guy Named Kevin’, a ‘Popo Zao’ remix featuring the Ying Yang Twins and Dick Clark, ‘Hymen Holocaust’, and ‘Shower You With My Love’. has since removed the audio.

Kevin Federline Visits KIIS For First Radio Interview

Britney Spears’ husband Kevin Federline was in the KIIS FM studios with Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K to dispell the rumors about divorce, partying and an alleged video tape. K-Fed also was on the station, giving his first radio interview, to premiere his new single ‘PopoZao’. Audio at has since been removed.

Federline Can’t Wait To Release His New Music

Kevin Federline checked in with fans on his website Thursday (December 29). “Hey it’s Kevin (for those who don’t believe it’s really me),” he writes. “As soon as I get a minute I promise I will post some more pics and music. I just wanna thank all you guys for checking out my website and supporting my music. I can’t wait to hear back from all of you next week after you hear the whole song on You can start downloading it at midnight on New Year’s Eve to crack off ’06 and drop your popozao. I’m really excited about my first single release and I hope y’all are too. Kevin”