K-Fed To Appear In UK ‘Celebrity Big Brother’?

A source tells Neil Sean of Sky News that Kevin Federline is eyeing a role in the hit UK reality show ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. “The Hoff is already signed up but we’ve found out that Kevin is a huge fan of the show and loves the fact he can get his side across to the public with similar stars of his ilk,” a source revealed. K-Fed hopes the UK exposure will help him launch a rap career across the pond.

K-Fed Appearing On NBC Game Show

Star magazine reports Kevin Federline was in Burbank on Tuesday (November 21) taping an episode of NBC’s new game show ‘1 vs. 100’. The Bob Saget hosted program features one player competes against a “mob” of 100 other players to win a million dollars. K-Fed will be a member of the mob on the December 1st program, where he’ll reportedly take a bit of teasing from funnyman Saget.

The full story at starmagazine.com has since been removed.

Tabloid Investigated K-Fed’s Time With Prostitute Pals

A source tells The New York Daily News an investigator was paid for by a celebrity magazine to follow Kevin Federline to investigate how close to certain Las Vegas call girls the struggling rapper had been hanging out with before wife Britney Spears filed for divorce. “Prostitution is legal in Nevada, so it’s no big deal to say he was ‘partying’ with them at a club,” one night crawler said. “Also, there’s no way to prove he even knows what they do for a living.”

Mansion Clubgoers Not Excited To Hear From K-Fed

Star magazine reports that when Mansion’s resident deejay, DJ Irie, was glad to see Kevin Federline arrive on Friday (November 17), club-goers at the Miami hotspot were not as enthused. “For the most part, the crowd was cool until Irie handed K-Fed the mic and played a little clip from his song ‘Lose Control’,” a clubgoer revealed. “But when two people started yelling ‘Fu** K-Fed!’ and ‘Booooo!’ Irie came to his defense and said, ‘Come on people, fu** the status quo, show this guy some love!’ Kevin really didn’t seem to care. He was sipping his bottle of champagne and laughing saying ‘I’m here to stay!'”

The full story at starmagazine.com has since been removed.

K-Fed With Mystery Woman In Miami

Kevin Federline was photographed leaving Mansion on Friday (November 17) in Miami with a girl whose shirt seems to define him — Young, Fabulous, and Broke. Check out pictures from X17.

K-Fed Thrifty As Money Supply Dries Up

The New York Post reports Kevin Federline arrived in Miami in a bus, instead of the plane rides he took before Britney Spears divorced him, along with six friends. On Tuesday, a source revealed that the struggling rapper and his posse went on a “shopping trip” on Lincoln Road but “didn’t buy anything” and then had dinner at “cheap” Oriente at Cardozo on Ocean Drive before stopping by club Mansion, where everything was comped. K-Fed’s hosting party at Mansion with DJ Irie.

Fat Joe Talks With SLC’s 97.1 ZHT

The 97.1 ZHT Morning Zoo in Salt Lake City had Fat Joe on the phone on Tuesday (November 14). The rapper talked about losing some weight, not feeling bad about being fat his whole life, if he was ever picked on as a kid because of his weight, how he enjoys working with R. Kelly, his thoughts on Kevin Federline and the story about a sex tape, and the new album ‘Me, Myself & I’.

The interview audio at akamai.net has since been removed.

K-Fed Can’t Afford Entourage

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday night, “I got the latest on Britney. Of course, you all know Britney left K-Fed, and everyone’s worried about K-Fed now. It’s reported that Kevin Federline is now so broke, he can no longer afford his entourage. Yeah, folks, you know things are bad when a freeloader has to let his freeloaders go.”

How Creepy Is K-Fed?

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “Oh, and you probably heard the sleazeball Kevin Federline is threatening to sell a a sex tape that he made of him and Britney Spears on their honeymoon if he doesn’t get more money from her in the divorce settlement. How creepy is that? How unbelievable? Boy, where is Bobby Knight when we need him? Huh? Please bring him in to slap this punk around a little bit. … And you know who I feel sorry for? Britney and Kevin’s kids. I mean, what’s gonna happen later in life when those kids grow up and find out they were not adopted?”