On TV: T.I., LL Cool J, The Knux

The Knux

Rap acts on television this week include:

T.I., who visits ‘Chelsea Lately’ (Comedy Central) on Monday, ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ (Syndicated) on Tuesday, and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (ABC) on Thursday.

LL Cool J, who visit ‘The Martha Stewart Show’ (Syndicated) on Tuesday.

The Knux, who visit ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ (NBC) on Tuesday.

On TV: LL Cool J, Eve

Rap acts on television this week include:

Eve, who visits ‘The View’ (ABC) on Tuesday.

LL Cool J, who visits ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ (Syndicated) on Tuesday.

LL Cool J Talks About Getting Kids Into Reading Books

The ‘Today’ show talked to LL Cool J about the Jumpstart Read for the Record initiative and getting kids into books. Asked how he makes reading cool in his house, the rapper responded, “Just by reading. You know, reading automatically is cool. It unlocks your dreams. It’s the key to success.” He added that he “likes to make it a physical experience” when he reads to his kids. “I like to read to them and I jump on the bed. Or I read to them and I pick up a cookie. Or I read to them and make examples or do things to make it fun.” Watch the segment, aired Thursday (October 2), below.

LL Cool J Thanks DJs For Supporting ‘Exit 13’

LL Cool J checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@llcoolj) on Saturday (September 27), thanking DJs for their support. The Queens rapper writes:

Just wanted to shout out the foundation of our culture the DJ. You guys have been incredibly supportive of my newest project ‘EXIT 13’ and for that I thank you.. I put my heart and soul into the ‘EXIT 13’ record and you are my bridge to the those who listen in cars, clubs, and radio!!!!.. I’m thrilled with the response the people have had to this new joint and I am committed to touring performing and working with you guys closely. Hiphop in it’s many forms.. is alive and well and I’m proud I’m able to present it to the world!!! On another note my tour with Janet Jackson is going amazing!!! .. It’s hot!!! Big crowds!!! And great energy!!!! I feel extremely excited..!!!! This is an amazing time for LLCOOLJ. In addition you guys should go to www.boomdizzle.com the next superstars are lining up to upload their music and join the movement!!!! The producers studio is coming soon, it’s a game changer. The DJ alongside Boomdizzle represents the future of our culture. THE VISION FOR A BIGGER BETTER MORE ACCESSIBLE INDUSTRY HAS FINALLY COME TO FRUITION!!

LL Cool J Appreciates Media Who Do Their Homework

LL Cool J updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@llcoolj) on Monday (September 22). The veteran rapper tells readers:

I did interviews today with Deja d from South Carolina, Sugar Ray from Detroit, EZ street from DC and Kenya the big dog from GA. they all were really really cool and well informed about my new album ‘EXIT 13’. They all actually listened to the joint prior to the interviews. I love it when the sharp DJs do their home work before we talk. As opposed to pretending they’ve heard it, or calling me a “legend” to kill time lol. We also talked about the LLCOOLJ fashion collection in sears. and the fact that the ladies denim fits hot. I promise you. Even if your not BARBI DOLL thin you’ll love it. go try it on baby. trust your man. As far as the men’s fit goes. it’s right.

Not old school, not new school, I’m classic.


On TV: Nelly, LL Cool J, Q-Tip

Nelly 'Brass Knuckles'

Rap acts on television this week include:

Nelly, who performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (ABC) on Monday.

LL Cool J, who visits ‘Sesame Street’ (PBS) on Monday.

Atmosphere, who perform on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (ABC) on Tuesday.

Q-Tip, who visits ‘Rap City’ (BET) on Wednesday.

Snoop Dogg, who visits ‘Rap City’ (BET) on Thursday.

Pigeon John, who visits ‘The Daily Habit’ (Fuel) on Thursday.

On TV: LL Cool J, Nelly, Ice-T

Rap acts on television this week include:

LL Cool J, who appears on ‘Rap City’ (BET) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Nelly, who appears on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ (NBC) on Tuesday, ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ (Syndicated) on Thursday, and ‘Rap City’ (BET) on Friday.

AlfaMega, who visit ‘Rap City’ (BET) on Tuesday.

Gym Class Heroes, who visit ‘Rap City’ (BET) on Wednesday.

Kardinal Offishall, who visits ‘Rap City’ (BET) on Thursday.

Ice-T, who visits ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ (NBC) on Friday.

LL Cool J Discusses ‘Exit 13’ On ‘The Early Show’

LL Cool J spoke with ‘The Early Show’ on Friday morning (September 12), talking with co-host Maggie Rodriguez about how his new album title ‘Exit 13’ signifies the end to his lengthy run on Def Jam, working with The-Dream, the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, and the “wishful thinking” behind his moniker. Watch the interview – unfortunately CBS didn’t post any of his performances – below.

LL Cool J Disappointed With Projected ‘Exit 13’ Sales

LL Cool J checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@llcoolj) on Tuesday (September 9), where the veteran rapper was sounding disappointed with sales projections for his just released album ‘Exit 13’. LL writes:

60 thousand the first week ?

What’s up!!! So LA reid told me I’m on track to do 60 thousand the first week. I think the album is hotter than that. 300k the first week material at least. I guess the world disagrees. Anyway I love y’all and hope you enjoy it. Those of you who bought it, Much love!!! Remember LLCOOLJ LOVES YOU!!! IT IS WHAT IT IS. I hoped it would do better. didn’t you?

EXIT 13 = classic. I can’t front though it’s disappointing.

LL Cool J Discusses VMAs, ‘Exit 13’

LL Cool J was on the phone with Johnjay and Rich of 104.7 KISS FM in Phoenix on Monday (September 8) to talk about his latest album ‘Exit 13’. LL talked about performing with Travis Barker and DJ AM at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night and joked with the hosts about how Britney Spears agreeing to appear was the primary reason for her wins. LL also talked about constantly thinking about the future with his life and music, his feeling that the new album “is much better than the last few records”, working with Richie Sambora on a rework of ‘Baby’ for the album, his clothing line with Sears, and how at the VMAs it “gets a little strange watching people take pictures of Nicky Hilton and I’m saying to myself, ‘she’s famous… nevermind’.”

The interview audio at johnjayandrich.1047kissfm.com has since been removed.