LL Cool J Isn’t Surviving, She’s Pushing Forward

Katrillion.com sat down with LL Cool J for a Q&A session. They asked the rapper what his secret was to surviving in the ever-changing rap industry. “Not surviving. That’s the whole point,” he responded. “I see what you’re saying but I’m not surviving. I’m just pushing forward and trying to do my thing.” As for what fans should expect on ’10’, his latest album, LL said, “There are a lot of feel-good records on it. A lot of hot tracks. A lot of pretty melodic choruses. A lot of romance. It’s hot.”

Stars Pack LL Cool J Show At Hammerstein

Shaheem Reid of MTV News was on hand at LL Cool J’s performance at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Reid said no matter what your age, “while the stage and screen star was performing, you had no choice to relive your teenage years as he ran through the gamut of his catalog.” Among those in attendance were Busta Rhymes, Dru Hill, N.O.R.E., M.O.P., New Edition’s Michael Bivins, Timbaland, Petey Pablo, Erick Sermon and Jay-Z. Read more.

LL Cool J Still Feels Loyalty To Def Jam

Now that LL Cool J has fulfilled his groundbreaking 10-album deal with Def Jam Recordings, the rapper now has a decision to make. He tells CDNow.com, “My association with Def Jam has been good to me. I’m very thankful, and when I look back, I wouldn’t have it any other way. So even though I’m a free agent now, I still feel loyalty. Hopefully, me and Def Jam can get together and think up something for the future.”

LL Cool J Gets Stuck In A High-Wire

The Sun reports LL Cool J, who hosted the MOBO Awards earlier this week, did not look too cool when he got stuck on a high-wire and couldn’t unhook himself. With the help of some minders LL was wriggled free after five minutes.

LL Cool J Talks About His ‘Rap-N-Read’ Children’s Book

LL Cool J chatted with Radio 1 about his new ‘rap-n-read’ book ‘And The Winner Is’ for children from backstage at the MOBO Awards on Tuesday. LL said, “It inspires kids to do the right thing, to not get arrogant when they’re successful, to not get insecure when they lose – to stay focused, and committed to achieving their goals.”

LL Cool J Gives His Endorsement To Gov. Pataki

Associated Press reports Republican Gov. George Pataki has gained an endorsement from rapper LL Cool J. “The world that I come from, a lot of people aren’t interested in politics, quite frankly. But after seeing how the governor handled the 9-11 situation, seeing what happened in this city … I decided, you know what? I’m going to vote; I’m going to register,” Cool J said before filling out a voter registration form on Thursday. “This will be the first gentleman I vote for.” The Queens rapper said, “He has done great things for my community in south Queens. He kept his word on everything that he told me he would do and subsequently I’m here to endorse him.”

LL Cool J Not Going To Destroy Life To Get Famous

LL Cool J is quoted in the Los Angeles Times taking a bit of a stab at Eminem saying, “I’m not trying to destroy my life publicly in order to get famous. I’m not going to try to get caught with four guns so I can sell 6 million albums next week. I’m not going to do any of that. I’m just going to be LL Cool J.”

LL Cool J Says 9.11.01 Reinforced His Positive Approach

LL Cool J tells Launch.com that the events of September 11, 2001 reinforced his commitment to himself to abandon the negative subject matter. “I was already on that page, already wanted it to be positive, profanity-free,” he said. “You know, after September 11 it just etched it in stone for me. I mean, in hindsight, I mean, it was just the best decision I could ever made even prior to September 11. But even afterwards, it was like, ‘Yeah. This was definitely the right decision.'”