True Magazine’s 6th Year Anniversary Party

Busta Rhymes, Conflict, Killa Klump, Mopreme Shakur, Young Prophet, and The Genereals were on hand for True Magazine’s 6th Year Anniversary Party at The Highlands in Hollywood, California on May 17th.

Twista Celebrates Double Platinum Success

‘American Idol’ champ Fantasia Barrino, K Love, and Mopreme Shakur were on hand as Twista celebrated his double platinum success on June 30th at Ivar in Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from WireImage.

2Pac’s brother Mopreme Shakur signs with Mob Life Records

Contributed Anonymously:

Mopreme Shakur is the newest member of Mob Life Records. Mopreme is one of the original creators of ‘Thug Life’ along with his brother 2Pac and his father Dr. Mutulu Shakur. He has appeared on several songs with his 2Pac including, ‘Papaz Song’ from ‘Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.’, ‘Bury Me A G’ and ‘Cradle To The Grave’ from ‘Thug Life Volume 1’, ‘When We Ride’ from ‘All Eyez On Me’, ‘M.O.B.’ from ‘Until The End Of Time’ and many others. Mopreme’s album is expected to drop late 2004, early 2005.

You can check out a brand new Mopreme Shakur track on the Mob Life Records On The Grind Mixtape that can be purchased at The mixtape also features The Game, Cormega, Outlawz, Shock G and many more.($9.99 + $3 shipping).

Mopreme Speaks Out On 50 Cent’s Current Troubles

Contributed by chickenlegsss:

Recently, Mopreme of Thug Life (better known as Tupac Shakur’s big brother) called into radio station Power 106 (Los Angeles, CA) shortly after news of the shooting involving 50 cent in New Jersey was announced on the station. He had some powerful words for the people of Los Angeles.

He said, “50 is a successful black man and I’m not surprised this happened. It’s sad to admit, but every time a black man rises above the struggles and pain of the ghetto, people get envious! My brother (Tupac) went through something similar. When he first got on the rappin scene, he had support from all the n*ggas but as soon as his name got big, those same n*ggas turned against him. You know what I’m sayin? Instead of bein mad at him for makin it, we should be happy for him. 50 Cent says what he wants and doesn’t care what people think, but unfortunately, n*ggas can’t handle that. Ain’t sh*t we can really do but just pray for the man cause I like 50 and I don’t want the man to lose everything he’s worked for over some petty sh*t. The black community and the hip hop community has lost enough talented black men, we don’t need to add one more to the list.”

Reminders Make It Tough For Tupac’s Brother To Cope

JR of the SF Bay View caught up with Tupac Shakur’s brother Mopreme for a Q&A. Asked how he copes with his brother’s death seeing people wearing his shirts and listening to his music on the radio all the time, Mopreme admitted, “Especially with me, I had to develop a tough skin. I got to be reminded of it everyday. If I don’t see a video, I hear a song. They are always playing him on the radio, so it became a form of comfort rather than a form of sadness. At least I know that he is always with me. Niggaz respected him. He went out like a soldier, the way that he wanted to go out. You know, so it just became a form of comfort knowing that his spirit is still here.”