Rappers Increasingly Pairing Hip Hop With Porn

Jawn Murray of EURweb.com reports a new slew of rappers are cashing in on the hip hop porno craze. Rappers who have shot XXX-rated videos with hip-hop themes include Ice-T, Too-Short, Digital Underground, and Mystikal, all in the past month. Adult film star Mr. Marcus was a common presence on the videos and he explained jokingly, “I think the rappers wanted a few pointers. They wanted someone to set a good example and that’s what I did.”

Mystikal Spins First Release From New Label

Mystikal wearing chains

Mystikal announced last week the first release from his new label, Big Truck Records. The release is “Mystikal’s Big Truck Drivers’ Down South Compilation”. The release is set for the shelves on September 10 and will feature Juvenile, Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys, and labelmate Maxminelli. Maxminelli will feature as Big Truck’s second release in October followed by a third release from the man himself – Mystikal – in November.

Mystikal Seeks Artists For New Label

Mystikal wearing a headband

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Mystikal recently launched his record label Big Truck Records and website BigTruckRecords.com and is seeking out hot new talent to sign to the label in a Talent Search and Demo Contest. The contest is open to artists, producers, ad writers and the top prize is a contract offer from Big Truck Records and $1,000 cash, plus a guest appearance on an upcoming Mystikal album release.

For more information and contest details, log on to BigTruckRecords.com. Contest ends July 15, 2002, but demos will be accepted through the end of the year.

Mystikal’s ‘Tarantula’

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If you don’t already have the HOT Mystikal album named ‘Tarantula’, then you have been deprived. I mean at least listen to it and you’ll find yourself buying it. That album is HOT TO DEATH with tracks that show all sides of the Black Prince Of The South-Mystikal.

Mystikal Loves Doing ‘Thriller’ Dance Tribute

MuchMusic caught up with Mystikal at the Midtown Music Festival in Atlanta over the weekend, and asked him about the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ dance tribute he’s been incorporating into his concerts. The rapper said, “Growing up I used to do it all the time, messing around, watching the video, practicing with my cousin. To grow up and be in this profession and get to do it live at my stage show, that’s tight man.”

Mystikal Heats Up Spring Bling 2002

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Mystikal is back again, being able to heat up the stage like he has always done. Spring Bling 2002 played on BET and featured the ferocious Crowned Black Prince of the South-Mystikal aka Michael Tyler. Mystikal heated up the stage with steaming fire performances of his title track ‘Tarantula’, and the still hot summer anthem ‘Shake it Fast’. As if women around him, either watching him live or drooling over him from their TV sets, weren’t already sweating after the excellent performances, the Black Elvis Presley-Mystikal-jumped back on stage for a guest appearance for the song with Ludacris – ‘Move’.

Mystikal Talks With Sister 2 Sister

Mystikal chatted with Sister 2 Sister magazine about how his life has changed, his time in Desert Storm, his raunchy videos, and how his momma kept him in line in a series of video clips. s2smagazine.com has since removed the video.

Mystikal Used His Superpowers For Evil

Craig D. Lindsey of the Dallas Observer reviewed Mystikal’s new disc Tarantula calling it a further chronicle of Mystikal’s dwindling legitimacy. While praising his 1995 debut in ‘Y’all Ain’t Ready Yet’, he chronicled the downhill slop from there saying, “When he unleashed the big-booty anthem ‘Shake Ya Ass’ in 2000, an unnecessary new Mystikal rose from the ashes. Sure, he was still an MC who could blow folks away with his vocal style. But now, it isn’t about being the most lyrically dangerous MC on the mike. It’s about being the most bling-blinging, booty-collecting, collar-popping MC on the mike. As they say in the comic books, he’s using his super powers for evil, not for good.”

Top Acts Pack 9th Annual Music Midtown Festival

Atlanta will be the place to be on May 3 – 5 as the 9th Annual Music Midtown Festival will be held. Top rap acts including Bubba Sparxxx, Ja Rule, and Mystikal will be amongst dozens of other artists performing on multiple stages.

Mystikal Performs On Last Call With Carson Daly

Rapper Mystikal

Mystikal was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Thursday to perform ‘Bouncin’ Back’ and ‘Shake Ya Ass’ after a brief chat. Mystikal explained why everybody, including himself, is working with The Neptunes, “It’s the full package, man. When you get in the studio with them, they got ideas for everything — the song, the hook, the video…” He also talked about his nicknames, including ‘Tarantula’, “Well, you know, it fit me — black, dangerous.”