Mystikal Being Sued By Cajun In Your Pocket Inventor

Chris Rose of The Times-Picayune is profiling what is a rather confusing copyright case involving Cajun in Your Pocket inventor Steve Winn suing rapper Mystikal for using phrases the pocket audio device uses in his hit song ‘Shake Ya Ass’. Winn is seeking $1.25 million while Mystikal’s lawyer, Roy Maughan Jr. says, “If he didn’t make it up, how does he claim the right to own or control the use of those words? Does this guy really expect us to believe that nobody in Louisiana has ever used the phrase ‘We’re gonna pass a good time yeah, cher’ before? Short phrases like this — clichés — are not protectable material under the copyright act. And to suggest that Mystikal’s song went multi-platinum because of these gizmos defies explanation. His gizmos didn’t drive the sales of these records.” He adds that Mystikal has never even heard of the device.

Top Mystikal Search Queries In December

Rap artist Mystikal

Pay-per search engine has their list of top Mystikal related searches for the month of December posted. The rapper received a total of 31,047 searches for ‘Mystikal’ while the most popular ‘misspelling’ appears to be the correct spelling, ‘Mystical’, where over 11,000 searched for that term, most appearing to look for the rapper rather than the spiritual reality related word.

Rappers Throw Down Mixed Reaction To 9-11

The New York Daily News profiled rap artists who are taking a pro & anti stance against the U.S.’s war on terror. Those cited for being pro-U.S.A. include Ghostface Killah, Mystikal, and Hammer, while those against include Nas and Spearhead.

Mystical’s Tarantula Lacks Lyrical Creativity

Shawn Edwards of Vibe magazine reviewed Mystikal’s latest disc Tarantula in their February issue giving it a 3 star ranking. While praising the rapper’s distinctive growl, Edwards says “it can’t compensate for a lack of lyrical creativity.” Edwards adds, “Mystikal has the potential to be a ringmaster, but right now he seems content just clowning around.”

Mystikal Talks Desert Storm Army Days

New Orleans rapper Mystikal

Giselle Wasfie of SOHH talked with Mystikal for his thoughts on the military and his own time in the Army. Mystikal said, “I can relate to those troops being away from home during the holidays, it’s rough. Out in Desert Storm, I saw people with their heads [shot] off. Even when I was in the Army, I was still an entertainer. I wanted to be the best rapper in the Army. It was something to do and it brought me joy, a whole lot.”

Mystikal Talks Advantages Of Being On Pop Based Jive’s Alan C. Page talked with Mystikal on his feelings about being on the hip-hop turned pop label, Jive Records. Mystikal says their influence is great for his publicity appearances, “I definitely don’t have a problem going to the radio station. Britney Spears gon’ stop that. Backstreet and *NSYNC. We have some of their power, which is kind of cool.” has since shut down.

Mystikal Talks ‘Tarantula’

Y2G has a video interview with Mystikal as he is talking about his new album ‘Tarantula’. Mystikal says he likes the title track best, the flava for the album, his advice for today’s youth, and who’s appearing on the disc. The site has since shut down.

Mystikal Talks Bouncin’ Back

Much Music spoke with Mystikal about his Tarantula album which drops today that includes him venting on Osama Bin Laden in his current single “Bouncin’ Back.” The rapper said of his post 9-11 self-censorship, “It made you pay attention to the words you said, even if it was something you had written [prior] to the attacks. I said in one verse, ‘I’m so bad I can knock down buildings and chop down trees.’ Knocking down buildings wasn’t cool no more.”

Mystikal’s Bouncin’ Back Aimed At bin Laden

MTV spoke with The Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams, who co-produced and sang on the Mystikal track ‘Bouncin’ Back (Bumpin’ Me Against the Wall)’, which apparently is a song directed at terror leader Osama bin Laden. Williams revealed, “He’s talking about Bin Laden’s people [on the track]. That whole crew who has America on their hearts and have been trying to hurt us and sorta disband us. When he says ‘Bouncin’ Back’, he doesn’t mean we’re striking back. He just means getting back in the stride of things and healing.”