KRS One Goes On The Attack After Nelly Diss

Davey D reports KRS One has answered the volley that Nelly threw which his appearance on the Freeway remix of ‘Roc The Mic’. In the track, Nelly implies that KRS is “an old emcee trying to make a come back” and that he’s the “first old man to get a rapper’s pension.” In KRS’ recording ‘The Real Hip Hop Is Over Here’, he says that unlike Nelly, he’s not “universal” and adds that Nelly’s rap style sounds like an “*NSYNC commercial.” Read more.

Free Says Of Nelly – KRS One Battle: ‘That’s Their Beef’

MTV News spoke with Freeway about the remix track for ‘Roc The Mic’ which features Nelly spittin’ on the attack at KRS One. “That’s their beef,” Free said of the conflict between the two rappers. “We didn’t work in the studio together. I ain’t got nothing to do with that. I didn’t know they was beefing until I heard that. I [like] KRS-One because he is one of the originators of rap.” Read more.

Nelly Sad Over Left Eye’s Death

Nelly spoke to Rick Campanelli of MuchMusic on the loss of TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes while in Atlanta last week. Nelly said, “It’s a sad day, it’s a sad occasion, the music world is definitely going to miss her. TLC is like one of the biggest groups, girl groups, of all time. When you lose someone like that, in the prime of their life like that, it’s just crazy. I think it still hasn’t really hit people yet that she’s gone. I just hope that the other girls are holding up, you know, [and] Andre, it’s crazy.”

KRS-One Responds To Beef With Nelly

KRS-One emailed in to to share his side of the supposed beef he’s involved in with Nelly. KRS-One’s ‘Hot’ and ‘Get Yourself Up’ highlighted the immaturity and irresponsibility of many rappers and many thought he was pointing at Nelly. Well in ‘Number One’, Nelly responded with a line that many thought was directed back at KRS-One “I’m tired of hearing rappers saying what’s real hip-hop/ … but there album flops!” The elder rapper says, “Although I did think his statement was a bit aggressive for a new comer, I did not take it as a direct ‘dis’ to me. Even though such a statement showed little respect for Hiphop’s cultural continuity and the opinions of Hiphop’s pioneers, I took Nelly’s lyric as him defending himself against his critics.”

KRS-One continued to explain his side of the story but in conclusion said, “I shall remain silent, and observe. I do have an atomically charged, lyrically activated emcee bomb ready for detonation. But what does the use of such a weapon prove when the original cause of the confrontation was built upon gossip and the need to use controversy to sell a record. I shall not be lured into such traps!” Read more.

Nelly Preparing Response To KRS One Attack

KRS One appears to have issued the first volley at Nelly in his track ‘Clear’em Out’, the takes a stab at Nelly’s ‘#1’, which was his effort to strike back at his critics. The KRS One track includes the lyrics, “You tired of me saying what’s real Hip-Hop/Well I’m tired of you biting my sh** to go pop.” “Sales don’t make you the authority/It means you sold out to the white majority/What you know about seniority/You ain’t major/Your whole album appeals to little second graders.” BET asked Nelly about the situation, and Nelly responded that he had a great deal of respect for KRS One but that he will defend himself and attack back. Stay tuned on this developing beef.

Slim, Dr. Dre, Nelly & Ja Rule Cameo On mtvICON

If you watched the mtvICON special last night, you no doubt saw Eminem and Dr. Dre giving props to Aerosmith and playing a bit of his ‘Dream On’ remake of Aerosmith’s biggest hit – which is set to appear on ‘The Eminem Show’. Also on the show, Nelly and Ja Rule played the role of Run-DMC alongside Sum 41 in ‘Walk This Way’. If you missed it, don’t worry, MTV should be re-airing it about a dozen times this week.

Nelly Says The Neptunes Come Up With ‘Something Stupid’

MTV News spoke with Nelly about his new track ‘Hot In Herre’, which was produced by the Neptunes. Nelly said of the hit making duo, “They pretty much try to tap into whatever artist they’re working with and feel what they think is going to be hot. Then they also take ideas from you. We came up with something that was pretty stupid.” Read more.

Nelly Releasing First Single On Tuesday reports Nelly will release “Hot In Herre”–the first single from his upcoming sophomore album, ‘Nellyville’, to radio on April 16. ‘Nellyville’ is due to hit stores on June 25. Looks like Nelly and Universal have done a good job of keeping it from being leaked, as I can’t find any matches for the song on Morpheus or Blubster.

Nelly Lands Deal With Motorola

Nelly will be teaming up with Motorola. The Nelly cell phone is scheduled to hit stores on June 15th and the phone will feature games, customized Nelly ringtones and the option to have the St. Lunatics front man handle your voicemail. Reports say the Motorola phone will most likely operate through the Sprint network.

Nelly Explains Dirty spoke with Nelly about his use of the term “dirty”. “That’s my dirty, you know what I’m sayin’? That’s who I do my dirt with,” he said. “That’s my little partner in crime. That’s who I hang with, you know what I’m sayin’?” Nelly’s sophomore album, Nellyville, is set to drop on June 25.