Celeb Tax Perks: Can Nelly Deduct His Grillz?

ABC News reports that several tax experts agree that Nelly’s bejeweled teeth, celebrated in the hit ‘Grillz’, should be treated as a business expense and be deducted on the rapper’s income tax return. “As nasty as that is, those Grillz are part of Nelly’s costume. He uses them to promote his song and his stage act, so it’s probably a business deduction,” says CPA Shannon Nash, author of ‘For the Love of Money: The 411 to Taking Control of Your Taxes and Building Your Net Worth.’

Nelly Wants Action

Thanks to the success of his appearance in last year’s ‘The Longest Yard’, Nelly tells MTV News he’s keen to do more action roles. “I’m working on a few things,” he said. “Hopefully everything goes as well as planned, but I’m really into the action. I don’t think I’m ready to cry on set yet. So you know, I’m tryin’ to stay away from the sentimental things and stick to what works for me.” Read more.

Nelly Appreciates The Kids

Nelly told BBC Radio 1 at the Nickeodeon Kids’ Choice awards: “If you’re here and you’re nominated that means you’re relevant. You have a nice future ahead of you. Kids are the truest and honest fans… We as adults, one thing turns us off but kids, they hang in there with you.”