Outkast Lyric Gives Polaroid Instant Exposure

Andrea K. Walker of the Baltimore Sun profiled how Polaroid landed a bunch of free exposure when Outkast included the catch phrase “Shake it like a Polaroid picture” in their mega-hit ‘Hey Ya’. “We certainly have enjoyed the publicity,” Polaroid spokesman Skip Colcord said. “We’re very thankful for the different brand exposure the song has given us.” Read more.

Outkast May Hook Up At Glastonbury

The Sun reports Outkast are being pursued to play Glastonbury this year, with at least Big Boi poised to be on the bill. Outkast’s other half Andre 3000 has asked for passes so he can watch. Organizers are hoping the pair will do a set together. “Andre’s concentrating on his film career while Boi tours,” a source explained. “But there is a very real chance they will do a show together at Glastonbury.”

CBS’s Promise To Native Americans

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “CBS has apologized to Native Americans for the Grammy Award performance where Outkast wore feathers and war paint and they promised to the Indians they would never do it again. And if there is one thing Native Americans can take to the bank, it’s a promise from the white man. They can take that to the bank.”

Outkast Parties, But Not Overboard

Sara Cox of Radio 1 managed to catch up with OutKast’s Andre 3000 on his way to the Brit Awards and thought he might have been in a stretch limo with “naked girls and champagne”, but it was a Range Rover truck as Andre admitted “nah, we don’t like that type of stuff.” Read more on what Andre had to say here.

CBS Apologizes For OutKast’s Grammy Performance

The Associated Press reports CBS apologized Friday to American Indians angered by OutKast’s Grammy Awards performance, which featured feathers and war paint. “We are very sorry if anyone was offended,” said Nancy Carr, a CBS spokeswoman in Los Angeles. “I like OutKast. I like their music,” said Tom Bee, an Albuquerque record producer and musician, who was nominated for the Native American music Grammy. “But I thought the show was not correct. It was degrading.”