‘Revolverlution’ Comes Full Circle For Public Enemy

Public Enemy 'Revolverlution' album cover

Davey D interviewed Public Enemy’s Chuck D earlier today and talked about the group’s latest effort ‘Revolverlution’. “In this record Revolverlution, we have come full circle,” he said. “We are revisionists and we are revolutionary and that is what makes this record come full circle because we use our past to our advantage regardless of what anybody says. When they hear this Revolverlution album, they will hear song like ‘Fight the Power Live in Switzerland 1992’. They are gonna say; ‘Daaamnnn!'” Read more.

Chuck D Says Money Shouldn’t Be Rappers Ultimate Goal

B. Love of INsite Magazine (Atlanta) chatted with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and asked the veteran rapper if he thought that with the commodification of hip-hop in the bling-bling era, more MCs are getting into it as a means of making ends meet rather than as a means of self-expression. “I think more people wanna get into it because they see it as a way to make a living,” he responded. “But if you take care of the art form, it’ll take care of you. Money shouldn’t be the ultimate goal unless you’re an accountant or a stockbroker – then you’re really dealing with mathematics. I tell kids all the time, if you fail algebra, don’t get mathematical when talkin’ about wanting this fat paper if you can’t really do the math. The bling-bling era has some bright moments compared to what gangsta rap went through. But there needs to be a clearer message to show that we have some things, but ‘things’ do not make you, and if you don’t have the things we got, you can still live a joyous life. If that’s not coming across, it’s not so much a question of people chasing the dream of materialism, but who deals with them after they don’t get it?”

Chuck D Enlists Boston Co. To Produce New Video

The Boston Globe spoke with Robert Patton-Spruill of Boston’s FilmShack who talked about working with Public Enemy on their new video. ”Chuck called me from Edinburgh, Scotland, saying he wanted to come back to Boston with Flavor Flav and Professor Griff to shoot the new video,” says Patton-Spruill. ”When working with artists like PE, I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.”

Mobilization For Education Photos

WireImage.com has photos of Jay-Z, Big Tigger, Russell Simmons, Run DMC, Chuck D of Public Enemy, and Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs at the Mobilization for Education Hip Hop Summit Action Network’s protest of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed education budget cuts on Tuesday in New York City. Check out the pictures from WireImage.com.

‘Fight The Power’ Too Smart & Defiant For Today’s Listeners

Laura K. Warrell of Salon.com profiled Public Enemy’s explosive 1989 hit single ‘Fight The Power’ and how hip-hop has changed since then. Warrell writes, “Sadly, there will probably never be another ‘Fight the Power.’ A song so rich with meaning, so smart and defiant, couldn’t reach today’s listeners, their senses numbed by too many years of schlock. Arguably, hip-hop itself is dead. Perhaps there have been worse deaths in popular culture: the death of jazz, the novel, God. But hip-hop’s demise will mark the greater death of rock music and everything it allowed: snarling rebellion, sensual abandon, flipping the bird to the establishment.” Read more.

Chuck D Having Trouble Releasing Controversial Track

Public Enemy’s Chuck D spoke to Now Toronto’s Jeff Chang about how he’s been having trouble getting distribution on his new single ‘A Twisted Sense Of God,’ which takes apart the war mobilization effort and condemns the arrogance of the president’s foreign policy. “You got five corporations that control retail,” he said. “You got four that are the record labels. Then you got three radio outlets that own all the stations. You got two television networks that will actually let us get some of this across. And you got one video outlet. I call it 5-4-3-2-1 Boom!”

Rappers Listed In Spins 50 Greatest Bands List

Spin magazine’s February issue has what they deem the 50 greatest bands of all time. While mostly rock acts, the list includes Public Enemy at #8, the Beastie Boys at #10, Run-D.M.C. at #14, N.W.A. at #23, and the newest of the list, OutKast at #44. The magazine listed the Beatles at #1.

Public Enemy Preview Fan Remixes

Public Enemy’s Chuck D talked to Rolling Stone about the group’s plan to have fan remixes of “Shut Em Down,” “Public Enemy No. 1,” “B Side Wins Again,” and “By the Time I Get to Arizona” on their new album, which is due out February 2002. Chuck D says, “It’s been tremendous, We had the a capellas downloaded 11,000 times and had 450 remixes done. Our virtual staff of thirty people have combed through the 450 mixes and picked the winners for each of the four songs.”