Public Enemy Ready Two CDs

Rolling Stone reports Public Enemy will release two albums this year. Due in early summer, ‘How Do You Sell Souls to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Souls?’ is a classic-soul-minded album, while the fall-targeted ‘New Whirl Odor’ is an “eclectic, typical Public Enemy record,” according to frontman Chuck D.

Flavor Flav’s ‘Time’

Ecko, Mass Appeal, And Kidrobot, Invite you to an exclusive in-store appearance by Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav and the launch of his new clock by Ecko Unlimited on Saturday, January 17th 2004 from 7-9 pm at the Kidrobot Store in New York City (126 Prince St. at Wooster, SOHO).

Chuck D Speaks Out

Public Enemy’s Chuck D expressed his views on the internal workings of his country relative to its ‘allies’. “The top part of society say ‘well, we don’t believe in racism’, but there is overt and subtle racism that blend to the history of a place and somebody usually gets rolled over,” he tells Darren Collins of Australia’s Beat magazine. “The Aboriginal people (in Australia) still have issues that need to get dealt with and I know that the people of Australia at least have their ears and their minds open that this is something that they need to come to grips with and the government has to at least try and make themselves look good to the world by doing the right thing. Sometimes America wants to look good to the world and show the world that they are doing the right thing but in reality they cover up dirt with a blanket. They wanna let you know about the good but never let you know about the bad sh** and I think that sometimes when its comes down to Australia, Australia is listening to the world better than America is listening to the world. Australia would pay more attention to world opinion than America who would only pay attention to American opinion. Most Americans think their world begins and ends with America and everything else is ‘overseas’ and everything else is ‘them over there’ and ‘this is us and we’re better and everything is better – you are very fortunate to live here ‘cos it’s America and everywhere else in the world has a shortage of air’,” he laughed. “We have people here who are like ‘this place is the best place in the world’ – somebody who lives in Kansas that aint never been anywhere else in the world – just a happy motherfu**in’ animal in a cage. At least when I was growing up I knew that education would help me learn about other things outside the country. Now the internet is a wonderful tool to help you communicate and as an artist I have been able to visit all these places which has been a wonderful extension to my life. I would say to someone to at least educate themselves beyond Americanism and propaganda. People should always think as a global person – I would rather be globally smart than dumb in America. Americans are brainwashed to be arrogant, to think the world begins and ends with them. We can bomb someplace else as long as it overseas – it’s very naïve. I have always been able to think outside that box and black people will not go forward in America unless we think of ourselves as global people – the minute we think of ourselves as just Americans we think of ourselves as slaves.”

Flava Flav And Ecko Team Up On Talking Alarm Clock

Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav and Ecko have teamed up to produce the ‘Legends Flavor Flav Talking Alarm Clock’. The $85 clock, available in three colors, features five alarm phrases, including ‘Bass In Your Face’, ‘Get Up Get Down’, ‘Yo G Yo’, and ‘Yeaa Boy’.

LL Cool J, Chuck D Take Opposing Sides At File-Sharing Hearing

MTV News reports rappers LL Cool J and Public Enemy’s Chuck D rolled up on opposite sides of Capitol Hill Tuesday for a Senate hearing on the hotly debated topic of file-sharing. “P2P to me means power to the people,” Chuck D said. “I trust the consumer more than I trust the people at the helm of these [record] companies.” LL used a rather bizarre metaphor to render the practice of illegal file-sharing down to its basic element: stealing. “If a contractor builds a building, should people be allowed to move into it for free, just because he’s successful?” asked Mr. Cool J, as he was addressed at the hearing. “Should they be able to live in this building for free? That’s how I feel when I create an album or when I make a film and it’s shooting around the planet for free.” Read more.

McWhorter And Chuck D On ‘Scarborough Country’

Berkeley professor John McWhorter, the author of ‘Losing The Race, Self Sabotage In Black America’ was on the ‘Scarborough Country’ with guest host Steve Malzberg to talk about who hip hop is reinforcing negative stereotypes that have long hindered blacks. Afterwards, Public Enemy’s Chuck D was on to counter the claim to some degree, though blamed record executives for only portraying the negative lyrics in the genre, ignoring those with a positive message. A transcript on the second half of the show at has since been removed.

Northern State Bring Political Edge To Hip Hop

Northern State

The New York Daily News caught up with Robyn ‘DJ Sprout’ Goodmark of Northern State about the hip hop female trio’s political edge. “I think there is a long history of hip-hop groups with a political conscience, even if that’s not currently the popular thing,” says Goodmark. “There was Public Enemy. There’s Dead Prez. I like to think of us as part of that legacy.”

KRS-One Says Hip-Hop Is Coming To The Classroom

KRS-One tells that he expects hip hop will soon have a significant presence in the classroom. “I honestly feel, matter of fact, it’s…it’s mathematics that it will. Those who are in power today will not be tomorrow. That is a fact,” he explained. “Really we have to be prepared to take their place. Will Hip-Hop as a curriculum be taught in an academic environment? I mean take it as far as junior high, high school, and college or middle school. Can it be taught? Yeah? Will it be taught? Yeah. Because you and I are growing up and we’re becoming the teachers. We are the teachers. We are the faculty. We are the board. We are the board of education. Do you know that in another five years, the President of the United States would have had a Public Enemy tape? There’s going to be a President after Bush. And that next four-year term, say eight years from now, that President is gonna have grown up with KRS, PE, and Queen Latifah. If Hip-Hop stopped today…we would still go down in world history.”

Public Enemy Targets Bush

Billboard reports Public Enemy will release a commercial two-disc ‘Son of a Bush’ CD/DVD single May 6th via SlamJamz/In The Paint/Koch. The track, from last year’s ‘Revolverlution,’ is highly critical of the election of U.S. President George W. Bush and his first few months in office, as well as of his father, former President George Bush. has since removed the article.