Leo Parties With Q-Tip At Suede

The New York Post reports Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted with buddy Q-Tip at Suede the other night drinking Cristal with a several hot women.

Q-Tip Develops Friendship With Nicole Kidman

The New York Post reports actress Nicole Kidman seems to be developing her friendship with Q-Tip. Kidman was seen in Q-Tip’s lap at the White Stripes concert last month and the two have been spotted at restaurants around town. A rep for Q-Tip said: “Q-Tip has been locked in a recording studio with an unbelievable new album. What else he is doing I have no idea, but stay tuned.”

Mariah Carey Broke The Hip Hop & R&B Mix Mold

HiT recently chatted with Mariah Carey and asked the singer about her thoughts on Toni Braxton coming out and giving her credit for mixing diva R&B with hip-hop way before it became cool. “Yeah, I saw that, that was nice of her. I love hip-hop,” she said. “I grew up on hip-hop in New York. I experienced the birth of hip-hop. It’s organic for me. But people don’t understand. Take ‘Dream Lover’. It’s a cute little pop song, but it’s based on a sample of a record called ‘Blind Alley’ which has been used by so many rappers just freestyling – ‘Ain’t No Half Steppin” by Big Daddy Kane for one. The average public hears ‘Dream Lover’ and has no clue. But Q-Tip said to me, ‘You realize you’re a catalyst for what’s happening in music right now. You used ‘Blind Alley’, you sang over that loop.’ It takes someone knowledgeable about old school hip-hop to know that. I love ballads, they’re therapy for me. But doing ‘Boy (I Need You)’ with Cam’ron or ‘You Got Me’ with Jay Z, that’s part of me too.”

Q-Tip Switches To A More Adult Nickname

Jay Leno joked during his monologue on Thursday night, “Rapper Q-tip turns 32 years old today. But now that he’s in his thirties, he’d prefer to be called by his more adult name: Cotton Swab.”

Common Will Release Remix Of ‘Come Close’

Launch.com reports Common will release a remix of his hit ‘Come Close’ featuring Mary J. Blige on March 18th. The remix was produced by Jay Dee and features new vocals from Pharrell Williams (the Neptunes), Erykah Badu, and Q-Tip. The new version also incorporates a guitar sample from A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Bonita Applebum.’

New Jawn’s Juice Edition

Find out about the whereabouts of former MTV veejay KK Holiday. Also, news on Teddy Riley, Deborah Cox, Shirley Murdock, Montel Williams, Joi, Chubby Checker, and Cris Judd in this week’s Juice. Plus, guess what rapper showed up at a TV taping recently with an entourage of more than 25 people? Jawn also has more news on the relationship of Nicole Kidman and Q-Tip. All of these stories and so much more, in this week’s Juice! Read it here.

Nicole Using a Q-Tip? Not What Friedman Hears

Roger Friedman of Fox News weighed in on gossip that has linked Q-Tip to Nicole Kidman. He writes, “I asked Kidman about Q-Tip a couple of days later, on Dec. 12, when we did a lunch time interview at the Hotel Plaza Athenee. She said she met Davis — whom she calls by his Islamic name, Kamaal Fareed — through a mutual friend, but not Leonardo DiCaprio. Rather, Kidman’s got a regular friend in New York who’s a stylist from the state of Georgia. That friend introduced her to Davis at a holiday party, which resulted in the whole group of friends going out to dinner.” He adds that Kidman said of the rapper, “He’s very a talented musician, isn’t he? But I don’t know much about that whole world, do you?” Read more.

Nicole Kidman Dating Q-Tip

The Mirror reports Nicole Kidman has bounced back from her divorce from Tom Cruise and is dating Q-Tip. On a recent shopping trip in New York 35-year-old Nicole couldn’t keep her hands off the rapper, according to onlookers. One witness revealed, “They were walking hand in hand and Nicole just did not want to let go. She kept hold of him all the time. She had a big smile on her face and seemed really happy. Whenever they stopped in the aisles she would wrap her arms around him. They just couldn’t bear to be apart. She’s one of the world’s most famous stars but she didn’t seem too bothered about who saw them together. She has had a difficult couple of years but she looked radiant.”

Nicole Kidman Is New Pals With Q-Tip

The New York Post reports onlookers were in shock when Nicole Kidman sat with Q-Tip at the premiere of her new movie ‘The Hours’. An over-eager publicist tried to oust him, but Kidman told the flunkie, “He is my guest.” The two met recently through mutual friends.

Slum Village Not Pressured By Q’s Comment

Whatdaumm of Trickology.com recently spoke with Slum Village’s Baatin and asked him if he felt any pressure when Q-Tip tried to christen you as the torch carriers for ‘A Tribe Called Quest’. “Not at all man. Not in one bit,” he said. “We always tried to do our thing. You know what Im saying? Not that we separate or nothing. We kinda restricted when it comes at what we do. But I will say it was a honor and a priviledge to hear that from coming cats,man. We dont like to say we carryin the torch for nobody. Our style is much different from Tribe. We a little vulgar get dis money,player, I dunno why Im effin the effin with you. Tribe wouldn’t say anythin like that. Its a difference. You know? It’s a honor to have worked with those cats. They schooled us. They saved us 5/6/7 years of agony opposed to the 2 years.”