Lil’ Romeo Doesn’t Take Kindly To Money Saving Advice

Star magazine reports Lil’ Romeo was lectured about saving his money by a woman who saw him shopping at Saks in Beverly Hills all decked out in diamonds. The 13-year-old rapper responded, “Hey, I have $7 million in the bank, and my dad Master P has $900 million – look him up in Forbes.”

Lil’ Romeo Talks About His Fans On ‘Game Time’

Lil Romeo 'Game Time' album cover

Adam Bernard of Hip Hop & Soul Online spoke with Lil’ Romeo about his latest album ‘Game Time’, which the pint-sized rapper had no idea people were going flock to the store and buy. “On this album I can talk about my fans, cuz I didn’t really know if I was gonna have a fan base,” he explained. “You know, how many fans I was gonna have last year, so I made a song for my fans, and I talk more about my fans on this album.” Read more.

Master P And Lil’ Romeo Are Nail Salon Regulars

Rolling Stone magazine has a photo of Master P getting his nails soaked, buffed and polished in Las Vegas before the Billboard Music Awards. He explained, “I gotta be rollin’ right and tight. It makes no sense for me to have all these millions of dollars and – when I shake hands with people – my nails ain’t shinin’ like my watch.” The rapper also invites his son Lil’ Romeo to the nail salons as well. “Me and Romeo play ball a lot, and our nails get dirty. We also get massages a to stay stress-free and feelin’ good.”

‘Lil’ Romeo And Lil’ Juliet’ A Hip Hop Remake Of Classic

According to the Hollywood Reporter, MGM is planning a new film version of the classic play ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ to be aimed at the young hip-hop crowd. Titled “Lil’ Romeo and Lil’ Juliet,” the film will star 13-year-old rapper Lil’ Romeo. Master P. and crew are on the hunt for the perfect Lil’ Juliet.

Lil’ Romeo Says Being A Child Star Is Tough

Lil’ Romeo commented to Vibe magazine on being a child star. “Being a child star is tough,” he admits. “Not everybody believes in you or thinks you can do a lot of stuff, ’cause you’re a kid. I wouldn’t be doing this if my dad weren’t doing it. It’s hard being away from my family, going on tour, but it’s also a lot of good times. It feels good to know the fans really care.”