Lil’ Bow Wow Ponders Coolest Person He’s Met spoke with Lil’ Bow Wow recently where he was quizzed on the coolest person he’s ever met. Bow Wow said, “Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson and all the basketball stars. No, wait. Michael Jackson.” As for whether he’s a better rapper than Lil’ Romeo, Bow Wow said, “I started it. I was the first.” The full story at has since been removed.

Lil’ Romeo Gets Help From Dad On New Album

Melissa Ruggieri of the Richmond Times Dispatch spoke with Lil Romeo ahead of the release of ‘Game Time’, due out June 4. “If I needed to change some words, he’d always help me,” Romeo said. “He tells me to stay well-grounded, to have a lot of fun with this. He’s in the business for 10 years now, so he knows.”

Master P Working On Film With Son Lil’ Romeo

MTV News spoke with Master P earlier this week and the rap mogul revealed plans for a movie starring his son Lil’ Romeo. P said, “I’m working on a movie right now called ‘Shorty’ with Romeo. It’s like a twist off of ‘E.T. [The Extra Terrestrial].’ He’s the lead role in it — it’s gonna be real big. We’re right in the beginning stages of it. We got some [calls] out to directors. This will be a real big-budget [film].” Read more.

Lil’ Romeo To Star In Partridge Family Type Sitcom

Lil’ Romeo the 11-year-old rapper and son of Master P, is set to star with his father in the upcoming Nickelodeon comedy “Pieces to the Puzzle,” which has been compared to ’70s sitcom “The Partridge Family.” The show mirrors his real life, which is about a musical family, with rapper Master P paying Romeo’s dad.

Lil’ Romeo Gets Rap Artist Of The Year Nod

Rapper Lil’ Romeo picked up the Rap Artist of the Year at the Billboard Music Awards on Tuesday night in Las Vegas. In accepting the award, the 11 year old star said, “Well, first of all I just want to thank God because if you believe in him you can accomplish anything you want. So — and I want to thank my beautiful mom right here. I love you. Brothers, my little sisters, my cousins, my uncle Hot B, my uncle Silk, uncle C., Everybody, my body guards, Big G., Kevin, everybody aight — out there especially my fans because I couldn’t do it without you and I love y’all. And for the man who made this all possible for me, my homey, friend, teammate, my dad, Master P. Peace. We love y’all.”

Master P Didn’t Want Son To Be A Rapper talked with hip hop veteran Master P about his son Lil’ Romeo as he admitted, “Definitely didn’t want him to do this because I’m, like, he didn’t need to–it’s just in his system. And you know he did good in school–that’s my child–and, I mean, I think anybody is gonna go out their way for their children. This is something that he wanted to do. He was, like, always in the studio, and I’m, like, ‘Man, leave that alone. Go be a doctor or lawyer or something,’ you know what I’m sayin’? ‘Go be a professional basketball player or something,’ you know, but it’s just in him.”