Sarai Flattered By ‘Feminem’ Label

YM magazine recently caught up with Sarai for a Q&A session and asked the 22-year-old rapper if she likes being referred to as ‘Feminem’ or is insulted by the term. “I was totally flattered, but in a way I was like, ‘Oh, they’re setting me up’,” she responded. “Because I don’t want it to seem like I said that because I didn’t, and I don’t want people labeling me just because I’m white. So I’m definitely flattered and if it’s for the right reasons then I’m cool, but if it’s just because of the skin, then it’s kind of like, eh.” The full story at has since been removed.

This White Girl Raps ‘Like A Real Sister’

Nekesa Mumbi Moody of the Associated Press profiled Sarai, the white female rapper trying to break the barrier, and spoke with hip hop mogul Damon Dash about her chances. Record companies “are always looking to break a white rapper. They’re always looking to break a white anything,” laughed Dash. “If somebody is white and they can rap, that means MTV, that means middle America.” But Sarai says she hopes people eventually look past her skin color and see just another rapper. “It’s always gonna be, ‘Yo, it’s a white girl’,” she said. “Eventually, they have to look past it.”

Sarai Phones Into WBLI

Sarai phoned into WBLI in Long Island yesterday to talk about how important humor is in any relationships or life in general. She also touted her new album and gave a shout out to her Long Island fans. The short interview at has since been removed.

White Women Enter World Of Rap

Toure, a contributing editor at Rolling Stone spoke with about the new crop of white female rappers entering the game including Sarai, Jessy Moss and the group Northern State. “Hip-hop is so much about blackness and maleness and black women can get in the game based on their blackness, and a white man can get in the game based on their proximity to black men,” Toure said. “But white women don’t connect on either end. It’s going to be really hard to envision a white girl on the mic having some credibility and legitimacy.” Read more.

Sarai ‘Ladies’ Video

Sarai 'Ladies' music video

YouTube is streaming Sarai’s debut video ‘Ladies’, from her debut album ‘The Original’, due out on July 29th from Sony Music. Watch it via YouTube below.