Heavy D Enlisted for Sean John Big & Tall Project

Launch.com reports rapper Heavy D is going to head a big and tall division of the music and fashion division of Sean Jean, Puffy’s clothing line. Heavy D tells Launch, “Puff has always been impressed with my style of dress as a big person. So he offered me a consultant [position] at first, and that went well. He was like, ‘Yo, do you want to come run the whole thing, doing the big and tall side?'”

Flo Anthony Update Featuring Puffy & Noreaga

Flo Anthony added an update today with news on Puffy’s reaction to Jennifer Lopez getting married [he didn’t know until Access Hollywood told him during an interview], rapper Noreaga producing a film ‘Whut Whut’ that features acquitted double murderer O.J. Simpson in a cameo role, Flo’s thoughts on the odd Erick Sermon ‘accident’, and an update from Master P. FloAnthony.com has since been shut down.

P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Label in Trouble

Reports are surfacing again that the troubled Bad Boy record label is ‘teetering on the edge of the abyss’ according to Foxnews.com’s Roger Friedman. Plans have it to keep Dream and 112, but dump the remaining acts. As for shopping the Bad Boy to other labels, an insider told Friedman, “They don’t have hits, who would want them now?” Sean Puffy Combs’ big budget also doesn’t help his cause with Arista, and some say the decision to dump his label has already been made.

P. Diddy Wants to Settle Down

Sean Puffy Combs talks to Jane magazine in their November issue and admits he’d like to follow the path his ex Jennifer Lopez did and settle down. Puff Daddy admits, “I got my share [of groupies] but you know, once you’ve experienced that, it’s kinda nasty in the day and age we live in to be with somebody that you don’t know I’ve been there, done that, you know. And it’s nothing I recommend.”

Puffy says of his ideal romance, “It has to be [with] somebody that understands. I don’t think they have to be in the [music] industry, but it would take a strong woman and a lot of patience to deal with somebody in the industry. It’s a constant battle between your career and your love life. I haven’t figured it out yet.”

SNL Picks on P. Diddy

Saturday Night Live joked about Puffy’s new butler during last night’s Weekend Update saying, “A London newspaper is reporting that Sean Puffy Combs has hired a proper English butler named Farnsworth. So far it’s working out great, except that every time Puffy comes home, the butler instinctively calls the police.”

Puffy Hires Butler, Still Claims Street Cred

Worldpop reports Sean Puffy Combs has hired a butler called Fonsworth but insists he still has street cred saying, “You know Sinatra had a butler. He drank with him, hung out with him, but he was still his butler.”

The Other Side Of The Bad Boy Story

The New York Daily News’ Mitchell Fink is reporting that the reason Sean Puffy Combs is trying to shop his Bad Boy Records label to other suitors is the insistance from BMG/Arista that he downsize his company by 50%.

Industry insiders though say that is the reality of the post 9-11 environment and that he’s unlikely to find a label to justify giving him any better deal than BMG’s. In fact, both Antonio (L.A.) Reid, Arista’s CEO, and P. Diddy could both be canned soon by the label.

Bad Boy Looking For A New Home?

Launch.com reports P. Diddy is reportedly shopping for a new home for his Bad Boy Entertainment label as his deal with Arista is nearing completion and as we reported earlier, the Arista label recently has been having financial troubles. Word is Sony and Interscope are looking to get Puffy to join them but there still are issues to work out. Who will defect with Puffy from Arista amongst his signed acts, which include Black Rob, G. Dep, Faith Evans, Carl Thomas, Dream, Loon, Bristal, Mark Curry, remains the key factors in the move.

P. Diddy Gives Thanks

Sean Puffy Combs posted a message on his official website saying, “P Diddy and the entire Bad Boy family would like to thank all the rescue workers for their heroic efforts during the World Trade Centre and Pentagon tragedy. Our thoughts and heartfelt prayers are with all those touched by this great tragedy.”

Sean Puffy Combs Apologizes to Asians

Puff Daddy is under fire following a rash of complaints after his latest single, ‘P. Diddy’ includes the verse, Got Asian women/ That’ll change my linen/ After I done blazed and hit ’em.”

Combs is now having an updated version of the tune made without the offensive lyrics and issued an apology through his Bad Boy label.