Top Puffy P. Diddy Puff Daddy Sean Combs Search Terms

Ok, I tried breaking down all of the Puffy Combs top search terms on, soon to be, during the month of August and given all his names, it wasn’t easy. Actually if you combine all of the Puffy related search terms, he’s more popular than his lowly ranked album would indicate. The most popular way to refer to Combs is as ‘Puff Daddy’ which received 15,979 searches in August. ‘P Diddy’ & ‘PDiddy’ combined for about 10,200 while Puffy got 4818. His real name, ‘Sean Combs’ got 850 searches.

Puffy Calls Into TRL Friday

Sean Combs phoned into TRL Friday for their special episode following the tragic terrorist acts that were inflicted in the United States on Tuesday. New York resident P. Diddy was still trying to come to grips with what happened. Read on for a full transcript.

Puffy And Jay-Z Turned Away From Jackson Post-Party’s Roger Friedman reports Sean Puffy Combs, supermodel and perhaps girlfriend Naomi Campbell, and pal Jay-Z were turned away from the Michael Jackson post concert party Friday night at Tavern on the Green. The trio went to nearby club Eugene’s instead.

Puffy Crashes At Hudson Hotel – Nautica Upset

The New York Post is reporting Puffy crashed at the Hudson Hotel’s penthouse apartment and overstayed checkout time leaving the suite in shambles. A Nautica rep told the Post, “The room was trashed, and we couldn’t set up for our show. There were wine, beer and champagne bottles all over. He finally woke up, and now we are going to be late.”

Puffy sent an apology letter along with a bouquet of flowers to try and sooth things over.

Puffy Launches Loungewear Line

Sean Combs launched his new clothing line, Sean John Loungewear, a fashion show staged at Bloomingdale’s.

During the show, the models were greeted with hoots and hollers from the female crowd at the show. The line includes men’s underwear, pajamas and robes.

Puffy And David Bowie Remake This Is Not America

Megastar is reporting Puffy and David Bowie are working together on a remake of Bowie’s classic This Is Not America.

The new version of the song will be called American Dream, it will be on the soundtrack of the new Denzel Washington starring film Training Day.