Diddy Hypes ‘Last Train To Paris’ Release Date

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs checked in on YouTube with a video promoting the release of his Diddy and Dirty Money album ‘Last Train to Paris’ on December 14th. “That’s 11 days before Christmas, you can’t forget it,” Diddy says in the video. “We want to thank you all for patiently waiting. Hopefuly you haven’t given up on us, I know you haven’t given up on us. We sorry. We wasn’t ready. We wanna be honest with you. We wasn’t ready. We thought we was ready and that’s a mistake a lot of artists make.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Happy Halloween From Diddy’s Estate

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs checked in from his estate on Halloween, joined by his son to wish viewers a Happy Halloween. The Bad Boy boss and Christian were dressed up as clowns showing off their oufits before Diddy got on the piano. Watch it via YouTube below.

Diddy: ‘Last Train To Paris’ Is About Patience

Take an exclusive ride with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs as the Bad Boy boss shares his thoughts on ‘Last Train To Paris’, out December 14th. “I think this album’s about patience,” Diddy explained. “Being open to hearing other things besides what you’re hearing on the radio every second or what you’re programmed to hear. Dirty Money crew is like a re-programming of the melodies of the beats of the sound.” Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Diddy Asks Fans To Join The Dirty Money Crew

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs checked in on his YouTube channel urging viewers to join the Dirty Money Crew @teamdirtymoney on Twitter ahead of the ‘Last Train to Paris’ album release. “I need to engage the people and fans that fu** with your boy,” the Bad Boy boss said. “So we know what’s happening in your area, when I got free things to give away with the album, I’ve got exclusive trains, exclusive videos when I go on uStream, I just want the people who really rock with me.” Watch the commentary via YouTube below.

Wiz Khalifa Brings Diddy On Stage In Hollywood

Sean ‘Diddy’ joined Wiz Khalifa on stage during his show at Music Box at the Fonda in Hollywood, California on Friday (October 22). Watch the crowd go wild as the Bad Boy boss surprises concertgoers via YouTube below.

Diddy Is Tasting The Energy In Hip Hop Again

Diddy & Dirty Money talked with Tim Westwood of 1Xtra about their new album, Lil Wayne, the early days of Bad Boy, the state of hip hop, and Diddy singing in the bath. “Really the only energy in the game has been Wayne, or like Young Money,” Diddy said. “That’s why right now, it’s starting to heat up a little bit more, and I’m real excited about what’s going on here with the UK movement, and also with what’s going on back at home. We was out, Memorial weekend and I started to get a taste of that energy again.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Diddy & Dr. Dre Debut “Diddy Beats” At Best Buy

Skee.Tv has footage from the Best Buy release of Diddy Beats with Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine & Noel Lee. They discuss how the idea of the earbuds came about and how they are the mix of sound & fashion. “It’s crazy this is the first time me and Diddy had a chance to do some business together,” Dre told the press. “Hopefully this is the beginning of some new and better things in the future and I’m just happy to be in business with my man.” Watch the video via YouTube below.

Diddy Reinvents The Way He Presents Music With Dirty Money

DJ Swerve of KISS FM in London interviewed Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Dirty Money on June 15th. “I wanted to reinvent the way I was presenting music, especially for this album which is a love story about finding love and losing love and getting it back again,” Diddy said about the departure from the solo route. “I wanted to have the female perspective. The female voices. That allowed me to not have any limitations and also to create a new style and sound and vibe and to get the ladies involved to and do something new and fresh.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Diddy Plugs His Wares

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs was in a welcoming mood for a TMZ videographer, letting them film in his store. “Usually I walk past TMZ,” the hip hop mogul said in the footage. “I’m being pro-TMZ.” Perhaps it was because he wanted to promote ‘Get Him To The Greek’, his Diddybeats headphones, the new record, Ciroc, and his Sean John store. Inside the store was Glen Davis of the Boston Celtics. Diddy also talked about having trouble sleeping and plans to visit a sleep specialist. Watch the report from TMZ.com below the cut. (more…)