DTP’s Shawnna Scared But Anxious For Debut

Shawnna of Disturbing The Peace is prepping her first solo album ‘Worth The Weight’, and AllHipHop.com asked her if she thought the jinx will set in and her fans won’t get to see a second album. “Hell nah, I got big things coming, family,” she insisted. “Me being brand new on the label, having Ludacris and so many other things going on, plus I’m scared but anxious at the same time. It’s crazy, but it’s coming, and once it finally hits, there’s no turning back. I always sit up and listen to what others say in interviews and sh**. The trials and tribulations they went through just to get where they are; I always listen to that sh**.”

Shawnna Says She Can Be Tough And Sexy

Rob Baker of Vibe magazine spoke with Disturbing Tha Peace crew member Shawnna who is breaking out solo with ‘Posted’. The lady rapper sees no contradiction between her tough studio style and her sexy on-camera persona. “I might dress a certain way because I want the women in the streets to know that it’s alright to be sexy,” she says. “But with me, what you see is what you get.” Ludacris, who’s adding verses to the record, added. “Shawnna is just an aggressive, hard-core female. Changing her wouldn’t work. She’s too damn real.”