Immigration Officials Release Slick Rick

Ricky ‘Slick Rick’ Walters was released from jail Friday, more than 17 months after U.S. immigration officials moved to deport the British-born star. Reached by telephone in his lawyer’s car, Walters told The Associated Press he was relieved to be freed and intended to head home to his wife and children in New York. “I am fine,” Walters said. “It feels good: fresh air, a new beginning.”

More Troubles For Slick Rick caught up with Slick Rick as the rapper continues to wait in Florida for word of his release or deportation. Next month marks the eighteenth month he has been incarcerated. And he says he’s trying to make the best of the situation. “Physically I’m in great condition,” he says. “I’ve trimmed down some so I feel more youthful. Mentally I’m OK and have great faith. My life and future are in someone else’s hands right now: physically, Judge Kimba Wood, and spiritually God. I have a great support system and do not stand alone right now.”

Slick Rick Impersonator Shows Up In New York

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A delusional young man was arrested in North Carolina last April and was charged with seven counts of fraud. All counts were tied into him attempting to steal the identity of rapper Slick Rick, who is in jail fighting deportation. The same man showed up in the Bronx last Thursday, in front of the home of Slick Rick’s wife, Mandy Aragones Walters. The police were immediately called by Mandy and picked up a 29-year-old Steven Glenn of Raleigh, North Carolina, who claimed to be Slick Rick. The article at has since been removed.

Man Charged With Impersonating Slick Rick reports a 28-year-old North Carolina man is accused of diverting mail intended for rapper Ricky ‘Slick Rick’ Walters and trying to cash his royalty checks. Steven Burke Glenn was arrested April 3rd and charged with three counts of forgery, two of obtaining property under false pretenses, and one of identity theft, Raleigh police Sgt. Chuck Hurst said. Additional charges were being considered. Read more.

U.S. Judge Blocks Slick Rick’s Deportation

Associated Press reports a federal judge blocked the deportation of rapper Slick Rick on Friday, giving him fresh hope of winning his battle to stay in the United States. Judge Kimba Wood’s decision allows him to fight a deportation order stemming from his attempted murder conviction for shooting a cousin, the cousin’s pregnant girlfriend and a bystander.

Deportation Imminent For Slick Rick reports Slick Rick could be deported to England at any moment. “My whole life has been uprooted. One minute you’re in America, you got your ties … the next minute you’re being deported,” Walters said from his jail cell in Florida’s Manatee County Jail. “It’s ripping [my] whole family apart. It’s nerve-racking.”

Slick Rick’s Wife Releases New Statement

Slick Rick’s wife Mandy Aragones has issued a statement saying:

“Though we have appealed numerous times and advocated both publicly and privately for the INS to drop their deportation order against Slick Rick, we are facing the very real possibility that Slick Rick will be deported from the country at a moment’s notice.”

Stop Slick Rick’s Deportation Says Hip Hop Community reports several of Slick Rick’s colleagues have stepped up in his time of need, including Russell Simmons and Dr. Benjamin Chavis, who have mobilized the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network to call on President Bush to issue an executive order overturning the deportation ruling handed down by the INS on November 27th.

Slick Rick Says It Isn’t Right Penalizing Good People

Slick Rick phoned into the Power 105.1 morning show Wednesday morning to complain about how he is facing deportation to England after being picked up on a warrant he wasn’t aware of. “It’s not right to start penalizing good people,” he said. “We need a humane monitoring system to search out the good and bad.”