Soulja Boy Fires Back At Critics In Lengthy MySpace Bulletin

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy wrote a gigantically long bulletin to his MySpace friends (@souljaboytellem) on Thursday (January 10) firing back at a string of attacks he’s found himself facing from all corners. He writes:

– Wuz hannan dis ya folk Soulja Boy I just wanna let all my fans know that rumor about me having a baby on the way is not true.. So FU** that site Mediatakeout And FU** Bet Black carpet for lying on me! Every week is something different.. They Said my Mom was dead. They said I got a girl pregnant. They said I got shot.. Wowww it will never end.. You can’t believe sh** about me coming from Mediatakeout so if u see it you automatically know dat sh** false.. I guess whoever runt that site personally dislikes me lol And Oh yeah this is my only MySpace page all the others is fake. And FU** D.O.B. for lying and saying I’m joccin them I never heard of them in my life if I leave a comment on ya page and say yo music tight u should take that sh** as a compliment DUMB ASS! And when I come to Ohio I wish y’all niggaz would try some sh** I will beat the sh** out of y’all niggaz myself Y’all niggaz got 3 lifetimes to go b4 y’all can get on my level. Big ups to all my hataz shouts out to everybody gettin they money and hustlin tryna get signed and got respect for niggaz like me in this game. Y’all stop being hard headed and pay attention sit back and watch how its done. Yall niggaz will never see me down and out. I will continue to get money. All my real fans who holding me down I love Y’all! It’s a lot of fake ass people in this world. S.O.D. Money Gang Run this sh** don’t 4get that. I look around and see a lot of haters.. Even famous people who don’t know me. Steve Harvey hating? I mean Damn.. STEVE HARVEY? WTF I grew up watchin this nigga on TV and he wanna get on radio saying my songs are vulgar and trying to stop me from gettin my paper. I mean damn dude if yo son was out here trying to provide from his family you wouldn’t wont someone trying to stop his success and making up sh**. How you gone say some sh** on Radio where A LOT of people will believe just because of who you are leave your mouth if you didn’t make sure it was true? I got old ass niggaz from Wu-Tang dissin me. Some dude named GZA from Wu-Tang Clan dat was born in 66′ lol, who I never met in my life.. I’m like wow.. Then I seen a video of Jody Breeze talking sh** about me? and for WHAT? Cuz they mad at all this Perfection. Don’t hate. INHALE IT IN NIGGA BREATHE IT IN! BASK IN IT!


Soulja Boy Depressed About Lies And Being Dissed

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy checked in with his MySpace friends (@souljaboytellem) on Wednesday (January 9). He writes:

Life is short.. Man sometimes I just want to quit rapping and become a regular dude again.. I need y’all more than ever.. Rumors being spreaded about me daily.. Dudes dissin me left and right.. Lying making up sh**.. The Media lying trying fu** up my career.. Hataz Multiplying everyday.. I guess this is the price of living my dream.. :depressed:

Soulja Boy Pimp C Tribute Video

Soulja Boy posted video footage of his recent meeting backstage with Pimp C before the UGK rapper before the Port Arthur, Texas native died in his sleep last month. Soulja Boy met up with Pimp C and shook hands with his kids and wife. “I just got turned on. I saw you on Black Carpet,” Pimp C told Soulja Boy. “Good luck with it. If you need some help, don’t hesitate to holler.” Watch footage below.

Soulja Boy ‘Yahhh!’ Video

Soulja Boy 'Yahhh!' music video

Soulja Boy is out with the video to his new single ‘Yahhh!’, featuring Arab, from the Atlanta based rapper’s debut album ‘’, out now on Collipark Music. Watch it via YouTube below.

Ryan Higa ‘Yank Dat Cameltoe’ Soulja Boy Parody Video

Hilo, Hawaii based Asian comedian Ryan Higa is out with a parody to Soulja Boy’s ‘Crank That’. In ‘Yank Dat Cameltoe’, “Asian Boy” raps: “Asian boy I’m no negro… I eat rice, I am yellow… I can’t rap for sh** but still I cameltoe dat hoe.” Watch the comedy clip below.

Soulja Boy, Arab & Cash Camp Diss Track

The Soulja Boy pile on continues, this time with a Lima, Ohio group going after the rapper and his crew Arab and Cash Camp. A blog posting at the group’s MySpace explained that they were dissing Soulja Boy because “he stole our song ‘Swag’ changed da beat up a lil did a lil gay dance for it and den lied about the sh**.” As for Arab, they say “he [roll] wit dat bitch Soulja Boy and did that gay ass dance wit him.” And finally with Cash Camp because “real talk we ain’t have nutten against them but my girl I [know] in Atlanta said Arab hit her up like ‘Me, Dre and Cash Camp bout to do a dance diss on these ni**as’, so dats the reason they had to get it.” Listen to the diss track below.

Hurricane Chris On The Alabama Mixshow Featuring Soulja Boy

Hurricane Chris & Soulja Boy

Hurricane Chris hosted the Alabama Mixshow after performing before Chris Brown on the Up Close and Personal Holiday Tour. After an intro and a clip form his ‘Hand Clap’ video, the rapper brought out another tourmate Soulja Boy dropped by. The Collipark artist then wrapped up the brief segment. Watch it via YouTube below.

Soulja Boy And Lil Spain ‘My Dougie’ Dance Video

Soulja Boy and Lil Spain, aka Mr. Dougie Fresh, teamed up for the official ‘My Dougie’ Dance, posted at Soulja Boy’s YouTube channel. Afterwards, Soulja Boy, Arab and the crew gave a shout out and Lil Spain made a plea to stop hatin on Soulja Boy. Watch it below.

Trigger The Soldier’s Soulja Boy Diss ‘It’s Enough’ Audio

Soulja Boy is continuing to take incoming fire, this time from Oranjestad, Aruba artist Trigger The Soldier. The rapper had wrote on his MySpace back in October: “I ain’t hatin, I just can’t understand why hip hop turned 2 around like this. I want 2 hear from yall, what the fu** is good about that Soulja Boy – ‘Crank Dat’ song… give me a reason… REPOST THIS… I wanna know.” The ‘It’s Enough’ track features the lines: “Soulja Boy change the name and drop the fu**ing act. You ain’t no gangsta pimp, no playa man what’s up with that? Acting all rough but you ain’t ready for combat, done read that contract is rap skills you lack. Yo, give up the mic, I’ve had enough, I’m fed up, what you need to be doin is giving people extra ketchup, at Burger King, flipping burgers and makin onion rings.” Listen to ‘It’s Enough’ below.