King Bach ‘Pretty Boy Crack’ Soulja Boy Parody Video

After Kat Stacks put up the video of her time inside Soulja Boy’s hotel room, showing what appears to be lines of cocaine and claiming the rapper had a problem with the drug, a parody of the situation has been put together by King Bach. Soulja’s hit ‘Pretty Boy Swag’ gets reworked with the help of a Kat look-alike to become ‘Pretty Boy Crack’. Watch it via DailyMotion below.

50 Cent Takes Out The Garbage, Comments On Soulja Boy Scandal

50 Cent has been posting some interesting messages to his Twitter followers (@50cent) today, weighing in on the news of Soulja Boy surreptitiously being recorded by Kat Stacks and voicing displeasure about being bossed around by his grandmother. But his usage of the micro blogging service almost put him in physical harm. The G-Unit mainman writes:

I can’t believe my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I’m rich fu** this I’m going home I don’t need this sh**

Got dam it motherfu**ers I’m having a bad day. There’s other people at the house she just likes to boss me around

I took out the garbage. She mad cause I haven’t been over there a lot I been working my grand father was laughing and sh** fu** that

I was kicking it wit Swiss last night. That nigga happy he got Alicia Keys. He was smiling and sh**. That nigga showed me all his teeth

I wanta feel like Swiss did last night. I think there good for each other Cause he’s happy

Man my head been aching all morning. I took Motrin but I need some of that syrup Sh** They be drinking

Soulja Boy my little nigga They just cought him snow mobiling. It’s cool. I got a nigga dat a handle dat kat stacks Bitch for him right quick

Oh sh** this bitch almost hit my car. Twitter almost killed me. You can’t tweet and drive at the same time. I’ll fu** wit yall later

Kat Stacks Claims Soulja Boy Is A Coke Head, He Denies

Hip hop groupie Kat Stacks released footage of her and Soulja Boy together a hotel in Georgia, Atlanta, where she claimed the 20-year-old rapper was lousy in bed and has a drug problem.

“What up y’all, this Kat Stacks bitch,” she said in a video that was posted on “Can’t really speak loud right now because Soulja Boy’s in the shower. Anyway though, I’m here at the motherf**king hotel, at the Intercontinental Buckhead in Atlanta right across the street from Soulja Boy’s condo. Anyway, I been here kicking it with this motherf**ker. Yo, this motherf**ker is a motherf**king coke head. This motherf**ker’s been doing dope all motherf**king day. That’s why n**ga can’t f*ck me right. I f**ked this n**ga three times. The first two times he came in five seconds, the third time he couldn’t get hard and the n**ga still came. This n**ga’s a motherf**king coke head yo. Yo, check this out yo. Look at this sh*t man, this n**ga’s a motherf**king coke head yo. It’s funny as hell.”

Soulja Boy told his Twitter followers (@SouljaBoy), presumably in reference to the video: “God knows I didn’t do that. that’s all the matters, you are nothing but humans. Pow”

Watch the footage below.

Soulja Boy ‘Pretty Boy Swagg’ Video

Soulja Boy 'Pretty Boy Swagg' music video

Soulja Boy is out with the video to his song ‘Pretty Boy Swagg’, featuring members of the rapper’s S.O.D. Money Gang. No word if the track is off the 19-year-old’s upcoming third album ‘The DeAndre Way’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Soulja Boy: Kanye West Likes My New Material

Soulja Boy spoke with MTV News on the red carpet of BET’s ‘Rip the Runway’, where he talked about getting props from Kanye West recently for material on his new album ‘The DeAndre Way’. “When I was in the studio, I played him a couple of joints, and then he just said, ‘Damn, he’s really starting to go hard,'” the 19-year-old said. “And I was like, ‘Yeah, you feel me?’ … Out of all the artists to get the go-ahead or the co-sign from, it was Kanye.” Watch it below.

Roscoe Dash ‘All The Way Turnt Up’ Video Ft. Soulja Boy

Roscoe Dash

Roscoe Dash is out with the video to his new single ‘All The Way Turnt Up’, featuring Soulja Boy, off the rapper’s debut album ‘Ready Set Go!’, slated for a May 11th release via Interscope Records. “The definition of ‘All the Way Turnt Up’ is a new age crunk — a 2010 crunk,” Dash tells MTV News. “I’m not afraid to be different, or do things other people would be afraid to do or do different because they’re afraid of what somebody else might say. I don’t have that thought process.” Watch it via MySpace below the cut. (more…)

Soulja Boy Talks Tattoos, ‘The DeAndre Way’ & Jewelry

Soulja Boy stopped by Tim Westwood’s show on 1Xtra show during his European tour. They talked about a recent UStream session Soulja Boy had, his impressive web following, the heavy jewels, the face tattoo, the situation with Rosa Acosta, what to expect from the new album ‘The DeAndre Way’, and he took some calls. Watch the chat via YouTube below.

Soulja Boy: Nobody Can Stop Me But Me

Soulja Boy America's Most Wanted tour

Soulja Boy talked with 5 Gum about the America’s Most Wanted tour with Lil Wayne and how he is making good music. “I like to make good music for the people, man,” the rapper said. “I like to keep everybody entertained. I like to give people what they ask for.”

As for those who thought ‘Crank That’ would be his only hit before he came back with ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone’, Soulja Boy said, “A lot of people said I was gonna be this, I was gonna be that, but I had other plans from the get go. Now I’m droppin all this hot music like all the mixtapes that I’m doing and all the features that I’m doing. All the different business ventures that I’m getting into that’s even outside of music. I just look at it like, ‘Maann, can’t nobody stop my show but me. If my career ends or if I was to choose to be a one hit wonder, it would have to be my decision. Can’t nobody else tell me different.”

Watch part one of the interview via MySpace below.