Two Tats For Suge Knight

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that while Suge Knight was in Las Vegas, he got a pair of tattoos. On one arm he got a tattoo of a fist full of paper money, while on the other, he got a fist with a gun. Knight had the tattoos done at Hart & Huntington Tattoo Shop at the Palms.

Suge Knight Meets With Vegas Lawyer

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Suge Knight was spotted at the office of defense attorney David Chesnoff on Thursday for legal advice on some new projects involving new artists and film projects.

Suge Knight Is A Free Man Again

The New York Daily News reports Suge Knight was released from jail on Thursday (April 22) after serving nearly 10 months for breaking parole by punching a parking attendant. Knight reportedly spent his first day out with friends and family, and is due back at Death Row Records today. Suge’s first business: Promoting Kurupt’s new album, ‘Against the Grain’. He’s also putting together a compilation CD to benefit the families of American soldiers in Iraq.

Suge Knight’s Feels There’s No Forgiving Eminem

Contributed by murderincfan:

Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight tells The Source magazine regarding the Eminem lyrical comments on black women during his teenage years: “First off, I am definitely supporting The Source on this, because they have been representing for Hip-Hop since day one. I not only fault Eminem but the people around him, who knew about this all along—including Dr. Dre. I don’t support anyone who [says they are] down with Hip-Hop and is trying to defend this racist muthafu**a. I’ve watched beefs go on in Hip-Hop where guys are ready to go to war with each other and hold grudges for years, but this is way worse and some people are ready to dismiss it. My mother is Black, my sister and my two daughters, so when he talks about Black women, there is no forgiving him.”

Snoop Dogg’s Mom Files Suit Against Suge Knight

The New York Daily News reports Snoop Dogg’s mother has laid down a lawsizzle against Suge Knight. Beverly Green, along with Maria Watkins, the wife of rapper Daz Dillinger, claim Knight slandered them in the song ‘Tha Row,’ by suggesting he had slept with them both. Watkins is pregnant; Green is a Baptist minister. Knight is serving a 10-month sentence for parole violation.

Suge Knight Supporters Launch Write-A-Thon reports that Suge Knight’s camp is inviting supporters to engage in a “Suge Knight Write-a-Thon,” wherein fans from East to West can mail a letter to the notorious rap mogul while he serves out the remainder of his 10 month sentence at the California Institution for Men.

Is Someone Trying To Kill Snoop Dogg?

Blender magazine profiled the recent violence surrounding Snoop Dogg, indicating that the rapper’s assocation with the Crips may have him being targetted by the rival Bloods, fueled by recent diss tracks against former Blood member Suge Knight, and of course his involvement in the 1993 death of a rival gang member in Los Angeles where Snoop was later cleared claiming self-defense. An anonymous source says resentment still runs high against Snoop. At the recent BET Awards, Snoop arrived in a three vehicle caravan with moonlighting police officers in body armor riding in “an Econoline van on steroids,” LAPD spokesman Art Miller said. A few months prior, an unknown assailant opened fire on Snoop and his five-car entourage while driving in LA.

Daz Says Suge Killed 2Pac caught up with Daz on Monday for a extensive interview, where he talked about Mystikal getting attacked, what’s up with his new deal on So So Def, plans for a new book, his thoughts on who killed Tupac Shakur and Biggee Smalls, what the situation is with Crooked I at Death Row, and more. Asked who he thought killed Pac, Daz responded, “I say Suge Knight’s bitch ass… Who else has got the money and the power to do some sh** like that? Ain’t nobody else in the world feuding but him. If you look at that Biggie & Tupac tape, that’d tell you all. Got that little fat white man in the chair snitching his fu**in’ heart out.” Read more.

Hit Reportedly Out On Suge Knight

Suge Knight may be the ultimate target of a series of deadly gang shootings, investigators believe. Four of eight people killed in slayings beginning in 1997 were close associates of Knight’s, the Los Angeles Times reports. Investigators have warned the rap mogul to be cautious. “It’s not just my friends getting killed – black men get murdered every day in the ghetto,” he said. “I’m not nervous. I got no reason to be scared.”