Suge Knight Jailed 10 Months

The Associated Press reports Suge Knight was given 10 months in prison Thursday after a parole board found that he struck a Hollywood nightclub valet. This happened even though Mehdi Lazrak, 25, the alleged victim, said outside the hearing that Knight never struck him. “I never said I was hit by him,” Lazrak said. “I don’t know how police got that idea.”

Arrests Hurt Suge Knight’s Comeback

The Associated Press profiled how Suge Knight has had trouble getting Tha Row records to achieve any chart success since his release from prison two years ago. That of course has been hampered by returns to jail on probation violations. “He has to prove himself all over again,” said Erik Parker, music editor of Vibe magazine. “As time slips by, people care less. There’s no production, no real hits.” His spokesman Jonathan Wolfson reasoned, “Are we the Death Row of 1994? No. But we could easily get to that point again. Suge made it happen once, and sometimes lightning can strike twice.”

Proof Of D12 Calls Out Ja, Suge And Gotti

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Proof of D12 has released a new track adding fuel to the fire in the ongoing Shady / Aftermath / Murder INC beef. Proof’s new track, called “Ja in a Bra”, is in response to the beating that he apparently received at the hands of Murder INC’s entourage. Proof raps “Chris Gotti, this nigga had the nerve to have 10 nigga’s sneak me” He goes on, addressing Ja Rule, “I can’t believe my name came out your ho ass mouth nigga, talking about WE gave it to Proof, your bitch ass was scared to come in that club.” Proof also calls out Suge Knight, the CEO of the recently renamed Death Row is Back Records, claiming Suge fled from an LA club after 50 cent and G-Unit showed up.

Videotape Reportedly Clears Suge Knight Of Assault

Rose Kogeman, a lawyer for the Death Row Records founder Suge Knight tells the Los Angeles Times that a security tape proves that Knight did not punch a parking attendant outside the White Lotus Club in Los Angeles on June 21st. What’s more, the unidentified attendant confirms Knight didn’t assault him. Suge is facing up to a year in prison if he’s found to have violated his parole.

Parking Valet Says It Wasn’t Suge Who Sucker-Punched Him

Suge Knight now has yet another witness who claims the rap mogul didn’t punch a parking valet last month — the parking valet himself. MTV News reports that his lawyer Rose Kogeman says the valet has come forward and made a statement to the Parole and Community Services Division. “He told them that there was no way that Mr. Knight could have hit him,” Kogeman said, “since he was hit from behind and he could see Mr. Knight in front of him.” Read more.

Suge Arrested For Alleged Parking Attendent Punching

Details behind the latest arrest of Suge Knight have emerged. Reuters reports the Death Row Records founder has been arrested for allegedly punching a parking attendant outside a Los Angeles nightclub — a possible parole violation, a spokesman for the California Department of Corrections said on Monday. “Apparently he was upset that his car was not readily available,” prison spokesman Russ Heimerich said of the alleged altercation. “When you get out of prison, you have terms and conditions that you must abide by, and that includes no violence.”

Suge Knight Reportedly Arrested In Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times reported Monday that Suge Knight reportedly has been arrested a second time this year for allegedly violating parole. The Times reported that Knight was jailed without bail, but the county jail inmate information web site didn’t show a booking, according to the Associated Press. Knight’s lawyer, Robin Yanes, said Sunday he wasn’t notified that his client had been arrested.

Steven Mann’s News & Comedy Bits

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Nas and Jagged Edge will be appearing in a PSA campaign in order to help get guns off the street, as part of the Bush administration’s ‘Project Safe Neighbourhoods’. And in other Political news Suge Knight will appear in a PSA campaign in order to help put ’em back. Who knew. Is it me or is Star Jones really just a ‘Grill’ and a ‘Penis’ away from actually being George Foreman? Please Discuss. For the full editorial, visit

Suge Spoofs ‘Kowards’ Snoop And Daz

Suge Knight takes dead-aim at his onetime proteges, dubbed the “Kowards in Kali,” Snoop Dogg and Daz. spoofs their well-publicized brush with the law when the two showed up at the recent BET Awards in an armored van. Inside sources tell that Snoop will never face any charges in the incident because of the number of off-duty LAPD cops he keeps on his payroll as security. Check out the spoof at