Talib Kweli Comments On Solo Album & Black Star

AllHipHop.com caught up with Talib Kweli who commented on his solo album, and the status of him and his Black Star partner, Mos Def. “The number one question I get asked is, when is there gonna’ be a new Black Star album? Mos is my best friend and it is not a matter of whether we gon’ do it, cause we gon’ do it, but we just got schedules right now,” Kweli said. “I’m doing my solo album and he is working on a movie right now, but we are trying to make it as strong as possible, cause when we get together, there is no denying us. Mos is my favorite emcee and vice versa, and I think that is the credit for the success of Black Star.”

Thug Rappers Making Hip Hop Look Bad

SOHH.com’s Q sounded off on the recent wave of hip hop artists getting in trouble with the law. Q says it is painting a bad image for hip hop: “Anyway, point is, you thug rappers out there getting caught up with the law, are making us hip-hop heads look bad. When people see us walking down the street, they don’t think of Common, Talib Kweli or even Will Smith for that matter, they think of C-Murder, Project Pat (who’s facing 10 years) and any other rapper who was on the news last night getting busted.”

Talib Kweli & Mos Def Perform At Benefit Awards

The Nkiru Center for Education and Culture, Inc., founded by hip-hop artists Talib Kweli and Mos Def to promote literacy and use the arts, education, history, and science to promote culture, will host its inaugural benefit awards reception Monday, December 17 at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Tickets for the event are $50 and can be RSVP’d.