The DEY Visit Jammin 97.9

The DEY group (Divine, Elan and Yeyo)

Fredo On The Radio interviewed Devine, Elan and Yeyo of The DEY on Jammin 97.9 in Salinas, California. The group was seen doing some singing, including Elan singing the hook from their single ‘Give You the World’, off ‘The DEY Has Come EP’. Watch the brief clip via YouTube below.

The DEY Talk About New Album With Hot 97

The DEY (Divine, Elan and Yeyo)

The DEY stopped by Hot 97 in New York City the other day to visit with Angie Martinez in support of their new album. After Divine, Elan and Yeyo introduced themselves, they talked about how Elan was added to the group to create a Fugees or Black Eyed Peas style sound. They also talked about how Elan got on a list of hot girls and if she’d do a King magazine spread. They then discussed who they got on the album and Elan described it as being “a full component of spiritual life, songs to our moms, breakups, dancing, getting down, it’s good stuff.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

The DEY ‘Give You The World’ Video

The DEY (Divine, Elan and Yeyo)

The DEY are out with the video to their new single ‘Give You The World’, from the Bronx, New York hip hop trio’s EP ‘The DEY Has Come’, out now on Epic Records. Watch it below.

The DEY Deliver A Conscious Message Without Getting Preachy

The DEY (Divine, Elan and Yeyo) black and white photo

Divine, Elan and Yeyo of The Dey visited with for an interview, where the hip hop trio talked about their new single ‘Give You The World’, what they’d have done for the group name if Divine and Yeyo hadn’t crossed paths with Elan, and whether “conscious message” can mix with “radio-ready jams”.

“Oh definitely,” Elan said about the latter topic. “We have at least fourteen songs right now on the album. Each one is a little different from the next, stemming from love to breakups, to a song about your mom, to heritage and culture. It’s not preachy, it’s just in a way that rallies people together, that is sometimes hand-holding and sometimes booty-movin’.”