Game’s Birthday Party

Xzibit was on hand for Game of G-Unit’s birthday party hosted at Cinespace on Monday (November 29) in Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Xzibit, Kanye, Game Attend ‘The Anthem’ Premiere

Xzibit, Kanye West, and The Game were on hand for the World Premiere of ‘The Anthem’, a video style national advertising campaign at Crobar sponsored by the youth division of Nextel during the festivities of the MTV Awards on Saturday (August 28) in Miami, Florida. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

A Day In The Life For The Game

An XXL DVD segment featuring The Game is streaming online. In it, the G-Unit star talks about where his name originated from, being a father, visits the Wal-Mart in Compton, talks about life their post NWA, visits Power 106, and more.

The video has since been removed.

Game & Joe Budden Squash Beef; Game Declares Himself Victor

G-Unit’s Game contacted after being photographed with rival Joe Budden at the Hyypnotiq Party with DJ Clue and Fabolous on Wednesday night (August 16). Game wrote in, “I’m [in] N.Y. cause my Black Wallstreet team was playin Fat Joe’s Terror Squad in the championship game at The Rucker (we lost by 2). I went out to Clue’s party knowin I might catch Joe there to see wassup with all this bullsh** he yellin. I get in the club and Clue shouts me out (The Game is in the buildin’). I was 25 deep so it whatten ever gone be no problem on my end, I’m good wherever I’m at! Before I could get comfortable in V.I.P. the bitch that puts all the money behind Joe, Webb tells me that Joe wants to come over & holla. Since me & Webb good I agreed. Joe comes over and let’s me know he don’t want no drama. I seen it in his eyes homie, and anytime a man comes up to me and pleads his innocence I will accept my victory and keep it movin’. We all know he didn’t want know street problems and he promised that he will never speak G-Unit’s name in vein again, so I decided to squash it. Say what you will, at the end of the day I win, he won’t sell any albums, plus I got smaller bitches to fry… Bang Em’ Smurfette & Homonation. If you ridin’ witt me lets roll if not sit back and watch me take over.”

Joe Budden And The Game End Beef

After a heated volley of rhymes via mixtapes, rappers Joe Budden and G-Unit’s The Game have officially squashed their beef. The two rappers, some affiliates and Game’s manager Jimmy Henchmen, met Friday (March 5) at an undisclosed location to put their differences aside, Budden’s confirmed with

Joe Budden Attacks The Game In ‘Game Over’

After being dissed by Compton rapper The Game from G-Unit Records, Joe Budden responds with the release of the song ‘Game Over’. “It’s not Big and Pac, not East versus West, ni**a it’s least versus best,” Budden raps. “They gassed you, like you’re gonna save the West, I doubt that, not him, you need help and Dre gonna put you on the shelf, learn from Rakim, so when I see you, we can let the glocks blow, come through Jersey.”

Aftermath Artist The Game Speaks On JT The Bigga Figga

Contributed Anonymously:

The Game has been flooding mixtapes with his gangster lyrics and attitude. Recently, JT the Bigga Figga announced that he would be releasing Game’s album, ‘The Untold Story’. JT also stated that it was a rare collection of tracks recorded in 2002, but unfortunately he would not be laying down any production for The Game’s release on Aftermath/G-Unit. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.