Hip Hop And Boxing Collide In ‘Fistful Of Dollars’

AllHipHop.com reports rap heavy-hitters Xzibit, Eve, 50 Cent and Krumb Snatcha will perform throughout the night as eight heavyweights ranging from battle-tested veterans to emerging stars clash in a pay-per-view event promoted by Cedric Kushner dubbed ‘Fistful of Dollars’, which will be held November 30th at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

Xzibit On Last Call With Carson Daly

Xzibit performed ‘Multiply’ off his ‘Man Vs. Machine’ album on Last Call with Carson Daly on Friday morning. Afterwards, X chatted with Carson for a bit on his small role in ‘8 Mile’ and the sweet job he landed as a photographer for Playboy online. Read on for a transcript.

On TV: Eminem, Xzibit, Will Smith

Eminem won’t be making the late night talk show rounds to promote ‘8 Mile’ but co-star Brittany Murphy will be on the Late Show with David Letterman on Friday. Eminem will make an appearance on MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday though, along with Busta Rhymes. On Thursday, Xzibit will be performing on Last Call with Carson Daly. On Monday, look for Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith on TRL to debut Will’s new video, featuring Jada on vocals.

Xzibit Says ‘8 Mile’ Will Win Awards

WENN reports Xzibit predicts big things for his pal Eminem in the rapper’s debut acting performance in ‘8 Mile’. “I’ve seen it and it’s over the top. It’s going to win awards,” Xzibit said. “The film is miraculous. I play a bully.” Xzibit explained his decision to take part in the film saying, “I’m in ‘8 Mile’ because it’s family orientated. I was more than happy to do it because we’re all family.”

Xzibit Fits In On ‘Man Vs. Machine’

Xzibit 'Man vs. Machine' album cover

Neil Drumming of Entertainment Weekly reviewed Xzibit’s new album ‘Man vs. Machine,’ giving the disc a B- grade. Drumming said, “Xzibit’s best efforts are done in by the usual culprits — misogyny, crudity, and blinding bravado. Rather than stand out, he merely fits right in.” Read more.

Xzibit Previews New Album On Y2G.com

Y2G.com has an exclusive video interview with Xzibit. The rapper talks about his new album ‘Man vs. Machine’ which drops Tuesday (October 1). Xzibit says he was a hip hop fan before he was an artist, and he doesn’t plan on going mainstream. He talked about his Open Bar Entertainment label too. Y2g.com has since removed the video.

Xzibit On Being Overweight & Doin’ Something About It

Xzibit has opened up about how he became a changed man while recording his latest CD ‘Man Vs. Machine’, which drops on Tuesday (October 1). He revealed, “I went to 7-Eleven one time and, I swear to God, these girls are like, ‘Oh my God, that’s Xzibit!’ And a friend who was with them looked me up and down and said, ‘that ain’t no Xzibit!’ It was kinda like a wake-up call. Like ‘c’mon man, you’re letting yourself go.'” He then went on a diet and grueling workout routine that improved him both mentally and physically.

Xzibit Talks New Album & Weakest Link

Xzibit spoke with HipOnline.com about his new album ‘Man Vs. Machine’ and his appearance on the rapper edition of Celebrity Weakest Link. Asked why the hell Young MC was on the show, Xzibit explained, “Because Bubba Sparxxx canceled. (Laughs) You know he would have gotten up there looking like an ignoramus. Dude fu**s pigs in his videos so what’s he gonna say.” Asked about making his new album “from scratch”, Xzibit explained, “The music gels together better. The album is just myself banging on the machines and right there. I did have a few songs written before I got there, but most is just on the spot.” Check out the entire interview here.

Jehovah’s Witness Parents Steered Rebel Xzibit To Rap

Kelley L. Carter of the Detroit Free Press chatted with Xzibit who remembered his punishment as a kid that jump-started his rap career. “My parents were Jehovah’s Witnesses and they didn’t particularly care for rap music,” Xzibit said. “I would get my little headphones and sneak and listen to it at night. Every time they would catch me, they would get it and break my tapes. And I’d be mad. Eventually, I got sick of it. So I said, ‘You know what? I can rap my own stuff and they can never take that from me.'” Read more.

Xzibit Talks ‘Man Vs Machine’

MuchMusic caught up with Xzibit on the Anger Management Tour to talk about his forthcoming album ‘Man Vs Machine,’ due out September 17th. “‘Man Vs Machine’ is my fourth album and Dr. Dre executive produced it again and it’s my strongest album to date. They’re my most well rounded songs and music [that I’ve] put together since ’96,” said Xzibit. “I think that everything I’ve done has built up to this point where I feel so comfortable behind the mic and I know exactly what I can and can’t do. I feel comfortable taking chances with my music and the outcome with ‘Man Vs Machine’ is enormous.”