Touring Is Jurassic 5’s Forte

Colin Devenish of caught up with , who is on tour in support of ‘Power In Numbers’, which Chali 2na says is their specialty. “That’s our forte right there,” says Chali. “I love the fact that we can get up there on that stage and entertain the sh** out of you, and it is sometimes slightly more intense than any album you bought from us. That’s the ethic of old school that we hold on to. Those guys never had videos and a major push and sh** like that to bring what they did to you. When you came to seem them at the club, they brought it to your ass, and when you left you were like, ‘That sh**’s amazing, I’m telling my friends and next time they play, all of us are coming!’ That’s our ethic right there — that’s what we hold as golden to us.”

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